1 Second Socket Review: Does This Universal Socket Work?

1 Second Socket Review: Does This Universal Socket Work?
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1 Second Socket is a universal socket that allows you to grip nearly any nut or bolt, even those that are rusted or damaged. Does it work? Read our 1 Second Socket review.

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About 1 Second Socket

1 Second Socket is a universal socket using retractable steel rods to form-fit almost any nut or bolt. The official product website is onesecondsocket.com, with a registration date of September 2016. The domain 1secondsocket.com was also briefly used, but that now forwards to the current official website. Below is a screen shot of the official website taken in November 2016.

1 second socket review

Claims & Features

  • Universal socket works on most nuts, bolts, fasteners, and hooks.
  • Metric or Standard
  • Retractable steel rods form to fit most shapes
  • Automatically adjusts for superior grip
  • Ideal for loosening damaged, stripped, or rusted nuts & bolts
  • Compact design
  • 140 pounds of torque
  • Includes handle and drill adapter


You can get 1 Second Socket for $19.99 + $4.99 P&H. There is a mandatory “double offer” in which you’ll receive a second unit for another $4.99 P&H. You can also upgrade to a “Deluxe” model with higher torque for another $5 per unit. A 1 Second Screwdriver is included with your order.

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This brings your total to $29.97 for two sockets, or $39.97 for two deluxe units.

As of this writing, this item is not available in stores.

1 Second Socket Review

1 Second Socket is a universal tool which allows you to quickly tighten or remove nuts, bolts, screws, and even hooks. Its retractable steel rods conform to almost any shape, meaning you don’t have to constantly switch tools, and can even work with damaged or stripped screws or bolts.

You may recognize the design of 1 Second Socket, as there have been similarly designed tools available for years (see below).

The key to 1 Second Socket is in its retractable steel rods, which conform to the shape of most nuts or bolts – even if stripped – or those of an odd shape. This allows you to easily remove or tighten almost anything without the need for a special tool. Jobs that require several different tools could also be made much easier when using this socket.

You’ll probably find that 1 Second Socket works generally as advertised. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to place the tool squarely in order for it to work, and it may not be best for very heavy duty jobs. It is, however, an excellent way to work with damaged or stripped nuts or bolts.

The 140 pound torque (or 175 for the Deluxe model) should be sufficient for most of your needs around the home. We wouldn’t suggest heavy work, such as working on a car engine, for example. For everyday use around the house, however, 1 Second Socket should accommodate the majority of your needs.

If your expectations are realistic, you’ll find that a universal socket like 1 Second Socket has a coveted place in any toolbox. It may not be ideal for very heavy-duty jobs, but it is great for projects that require multiple or odd-sized nuts and bolts.

If you’re looking for a gift idea around the holidays, birthdays, or Father’s Day, this could be an option.


There are numerous universal sockets which sport a similar design to that of 1 Second Socket.

The Gator Grip Universal Socket is a highly rated option among online shoppers. That $12 item has a 4.3 star rating among over 300 customer reviews.

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