3 Second Lash Review: Do These Magnetic Lashes Work?

3 Second Lash Review: Do These Magnetic Lashes Work?
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3 Second Lash is a set of magnetic eyelashes that applies in seconds and requires no glue. Do they really work? Here is my 3 Second Lash review.

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About 3 Second Lash

3 Second Lash is a set of eyelashes that can be applied in seconds without messy glue or adhesives. The official product website is 3secondlash.com, which was registered in August 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in October 2017.

3 second lash review

Claims & Features

  • Apply in seconds
  • Secures with two micro magnets
  • Glue-free design can be used daily
  • Reusable


You can get 3 Second Lash for $29.99 + $4.99 P&H for a total of $34.98. This cost includes two natural sets and one bold set. As of November 2017, 3 Second Lash can be found in stores (in the As Seen on TV section) for about $30.

3 Second Lash Review

3 Second Lash is a set of magnetic eyelashes that doesn’t require glue, but instead uses micro magnets to hold them in place. If the advertising for 3 Second Lash seems familiar, you aren’t mistaken. There have been a few high-profile magnetic lashes advertised on television and online, and even more flooding the Amazon marketplace.

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To use 3 Second Lash, the commercial states, “All you have to do is place the top set of 3 Second Lash on top of your lashes, then place the bottom set underneath your lashes.” It sounds easy, and for some users it will be, but for others it may take some time to properly learn the technique. For those who don’t find it easy at first, saying “all you have to do is place it on your upper lash” is comparable to saying, “all you have to do is move that giant boulder.”

I have talked about magnetic lashes ad nauseam with ladies who have used them, and although each brand is slightly different, there is an underlying commonality to all of them. Ideally, you place the top lash on your eyelash and let it balance there while you grab the lower lash, which you’ll then align with the upper lash until they magnetically stick together. For some women, this seems completely natural and for those users, 3 Second Lash will work well.

There are those, however, who may find the process to be awkward. If you look down to grab the lower lash, the upper lash could fall off, so you should probably keep the lower lash handy. Aligning them may also take a bit of practice, too. You’ll know they are properly aligned when they “snap” together.

Once in place, they may feel different than the typical glued lashes. Again, this may be perfectly suitable for some women, but not for all. Having magnetic lashes affixed to your own lashes is a different sensation that may take some time before it feels normal. Some women have said it is not a comfortable sensation.

If you’ve never tried magnetic lashes before, you might want try a highly rated inexpensive pair to practice with before deciding to purchase a more expensive brand like 3 Second Lash.


You can find numerous magnetic lashes online, usually from about $15-$25. This 8-piece set costs $22 and is currently listed as an Amazon Best Seller. I asked my friends at the 2c Chicks to check this product out, and they posted their full review of 3 Second Lash, which you can see below.

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Your 3 Second Lash Reviews

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