Burger King Bacon & Swiss Sourdough King vs Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box

Burger King Bacon & Swiss Sourdough King vs Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box
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Today we’re comparing the new Bacon and Swiss Sourdough King against the Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box.

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In 2018, Burger King released the Bacon and Swiss Sourdough King, which includes one or two burger patties, lettuce, mayo, bacon, and Swiss cheese on a soft bread. Jack in the Box’s classic Sourdough Jack includes a single patty, ketchup, mayo, tomatoes, “Swiss-style” cheese, and bacon on a toasted sourdough bun.


Depending on the area in which you live, you can usually find each of these burgers for about $5. I believe we paid $4.99 for the Jack in the Box burger and $5.19 for the Burger King offering.

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Sourdough Burger Comparison

Back in the 1990s, the “Grilled Sourdough Burger” from Jack in the Box was the favorite of me and my wife. Years later, the name was changed, but the burger remained what I consider to be the gold standard in fast food sourdough burgers. When we heard that Burger King was releasing its new Bacon & Swiss Sourdough King, my son and I decided to try them out in a head-to-head taste test, which you can see in the video below. This is merely a taste test review, rather┬áthan a comprehensive overview of each sandwich.

As we alternatively took bites from each burger, it became apparent to us that the Jack in the Box take on the sourdough burger was superior, almost across the board. Both burgers had nicely grilled patties, which were on par with one another. For sauce, BK has just mayo while Jack in the Box included both ketchup and mayo. To me, the ketchup helped round out the mayo in the Jack version, while the BK offering had to simply use more mayo to provide enough sauce. To me, this made the entire burger to mayonnaise-y. Note the website refers to the sauce as “bacon flavored sauce” but all we could taste is mayo. Moreover, the addition of lettuce did not add a pleasing texture and adding nothing positive to the taste of Burger King Burger. Perhaps most damning for Burger King is that the “sourdough bread” didn’t really look, feel, or taste like sourdough sandwich bread that I’ve come to expect. It was too soft and bread-like, and not as crispy as you’d find in a classic sourdough sandwich.

In the end, I don’t believe that the Burger King offering can de-throne the Jack in the Box classic. Be sure to watch our taste test video below.

Obviously, any food comparison or review will be highly subjective and these are merely the opinions of the two of us who tried it. If you’ve tried either or both of these sandwiches, let us know what you think in the comments below.