Bell & Howell Light Bar Review: 60 LED Lights in One Bar

Bell & Howell Light Bar is a portable light bank that includes 60 LED lights. Does it work? Read my Bell & Howell Light Bar review.

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Where to Purchase

You can find Bell + Howell Light Bar on Amazon here. It can also be purchased from the official website (discussed below), or you may still find it in the As Seen on TV aisle of some retailers. I bought Light Bar at a local Walgreens here in Las Vegas in July 2017 for $19.99.

About Bell & Howell Light Bar

Bell & Howell Light Bar is a rechargeable bar of 60 LED lights that weighs one pound and includes a built-in stand. The official website is, with a registration date of January 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017. As of this June 2020 update, the official website is still online and the price has remained unchanged.

bell & howell light bar review

Claims & Features

  • 1 charge gives 10 hours of light (the website originally made a different claim, as you can see above)
  • Visible from over 2 nautical miles away
  • Compact & sturdy
  • Usable for indoors or outdoors
  • Will not overheat
  • Does not require batteries

Bell & Howell Light Bar Review

Convenient portable lights have been the darling of As Seen on TV marketers for years. In just recent years, such offerings have included InstaBulb, Click a Color, Light Bulb Bug Zapper, Bulb on a Rope, Underlight, BreezeLite, Motion Brite, Mighty Brite Switch, LyfeLite, ZappLight, Flexi Lites, and Switch Brite – to name a few.

Now with the Bell & Howell Light Bar, we have a strip of 60 bright LED lights that can supposedly be recharged in an hour and last all day. Based on the use of the Bell & Howell name, and the product’s logo styling, it would appear that this item is loosely tucked under the same brand as TacLight. I should point out that the instructions state that it will take 8-10 hours to charge, not one hour like the website originally stated (that has since been changed). Once charged, it is said to last 5 hours on high and 10 hours on low. I found that it actually lasts longer than that, but it gets dimmer and dimmer to the point that it isn’t as functional. You’ll also need to charge it for 25 hours before the first use.

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The good news is that this is a pretty foolproof product. LED technology has become less in expensive in recent years, and it is easy to find rather affordable light products sporting impressive brightness like this.

Light Bar offers a rather unassuming rectangular design with two stands that allow you to prop it up or hang it on a wall. To me, this seems to be something of an evolution of the tactical lanterns that heavily advertised in late 2016. The idea behind those – and Light Bar – is to provide instant bright light to the immediate area. While the lanterns (TacLight Lantern, Atomic Beam Lantern) offer 360 degrees of light, Light Bar offers it at about a 180 degree angle.

I have little doubt that those who purchase this based on the advertising will be satisfied with the product, as it’s pretty hard to mess up a simple bar of LED lights. The fact that it is rechargeable is a huge plus.

The advertising and website originally stated that there is a sensor that will turn the light on when the power is out, however I see no such sensor, nor do the instructions mention it. I’m guessing that this feature was removed from the prototype.

On a final note, I suggest not giving the Bell & Howell name too much weight in your decision to purchase an As Seen on TV product. Nowadays the name is often licensed, and the products bearing the name rarely have any association with Bell & Howell other than the logo slapped on the case.

Light Bar began rolling out to stores around July 2017. I suggest perusing some of the Amazon comments to get a feel for what other consumers are saying.

Three Year Update (June 2020)

Although my stash of flashlights and other lighted items has grown considerably since I first wrote this review, I do still pull out the Bell+Howell Light Bar at least a couple of times a month, and I’m happy to report that I’ve seen very little degradation of the battery life or the brightness of the lights. None of the 60 LEDs have stopped functioning and there have been no malfunctions.

I find it curious that this product has generated far less interest than other As Seen on TV lighted products, such as Tac Light, but has easily outperformed that item regarding long-term durability.  If you still see one of these while perusing the As Seen on TV aisle, I suggest picking it up before it disappears completely.


It may come as no surprise that you can find a number of LED rechargeable light bars for sale online. This model costs about $20 and holds high consumer ratings.

Video Review

Below you can see my full video review of the Bell+Howell Light Bar.

Television Commercial

Your Bell & Howell Light Bar Reviews

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Updated June 2020.

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