YouTube sponsorships are not accepted, but there are options for including your products on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. These include Facebook and TikTok sponsorships, paid inclusion on YouTube, or unsolicited mail. Email [email protected] with a subject of “Business Inquiry” in the subject in order to proceed.


• 680,000 Subscribers
• 32.6 million views in 2021
• 6-8 videos posted per month on average

Option 1: Paid inclusion (includes free TikTok). This option guarantees inclusion of your product in a review of multiple products, consisting of about 2-5 minutes of exclusive video time. This is subject to approval, as not all products are a good fit for the channel. Videos with paid inclusion may take 14-30 days to appear on YouTube, depending on production scheduling. Cost: $1000.

I cannot guarantee any product will appear in a dedicated video. All reviews will be unscripted and honest.

Paid inclusion products will appear in a video alongside 3-5 other products. For example, if you are selling a cheese grater, it might be included in a video alongside other kitchen gadgets or in a “mail time” video.

A TikTok video will also be created and posted to the Freakin’ Reviews TikTok account, at no extra charge.

Option 2: Unsolicited. Send a sample to my PO Box. Due to the amount of unsolicited packages received every week, there is no guarantee these items will appear in a video, nor can they be returned. Around 5% of unsolicited products sent to the PO Box have been included in YouTube videos. Due to the volume of mail received, unsolicited products typically take about 2-6 months to appear in a YouTube video. Please email first if you are sending a large item.



• 4.1 million views in Feb 2022

• 1-2 posts per day

The Freakin’ Reviews Facebook page is open to all types of sponsorships, but rates must be negotiated through a third party due to an ongoing partnership. Email [email protected] for more info.


• 2.4 million views in March 2022
• 7-14 posts per week

A a unique, dedicated TikTok video (up to 1 minute in duration) will demonstrate your product, and be posted to the Freakin’ Reviews TikTok profile. Cost: $500.


A sample is required before any product will be considered. All demonstrations, tests, and wording will be at my own discretion, however I am open to suggestions how to best demonstrate or describe a product. If I don’t feel that the product is a good fit for my channel, I will give you the option of canceling any agreement before production begins.


  • Rates on this page will fluctuate depending on demand and my production schedule. I reserve the right to reject any offer for any reason, or cancel any agreement before production begins.
  • Pros and cons will be given for all products in YouTube reviews – even those I like – which lends to credibility of the review and a better viewer experience. It will also lead to a better vendor experience, with less returns due to higher viewer education about how the product works and its limitations. This is not negotiable.
  • All transactions are final. Once a video has been filmed and posted, the video cannot be changed or removed.