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vac mat review

Vac Mat Review: Does it Work?

Vac Mat is advertised as the “world’s first vacuum action mat” that traps dirt before it can enter your home. Read our Vac Mat review.

miracle cut gloves review

Miracle Cut Gloves Review: Keep Hands Safe From Cuts?

Miracle Cut Gloves are safety gloves which are resistant to cuts and protect your hands or wrists while slicing or cutting food. Read our Miracle Cut Gloves review.

Pouch Couch review

Pouch Couch Review: Inflatable Couch

Pouch Couch is a portable, inflatable lounge chair. Read our Pouch Couch review plus additional information.

garden genie

Garden Genie Review: Does it Work?

Garden Genie is a pair of gardening gloves which allow you to dig and plant without using tools.

shot b box

Shot B Review: Multivitamin with Beta Carotene

Shot B is a multivitamin supplement with beta carotene which has been advertised heavily on Spanish-language television in 2015.

xhose pro 2015

Dap XHose Pro Reviews: Does it Hold up?

Dap XHose Pro is light-weight expandable garden hose which has been advertised on television. Here is our Dap XHose Review plus key product information.

micro touch switchblade website 2014

MicroTouch Switchblade Reviews

Microtouch Switchblade is a 2-in-1 trimmer which puts head-to-toe trimming in the palm of your hand. But does it actually work? Here is our MicroTouch Switchblade review along with¬†important product…


Swirlio Review: Does it Work?

Swirlio is an As Seen on TV frozen dessert maker from Big Boss. It promises to “turn ordinary frozen fruit into yummy, soft serve desserts in just seconds.” Here is…

sew cool

Sew Cool Reviews

Sew Cool is a sewing machine for kids that does not use thread. Read Sew Cool reviews here.

miracle peeler

Miracle Peeler Reviews: Does it Actually Work?

Miracle Peeler is an As Seen on TV product which claims to aid in the process of peeling with its design, strength, and sharp blades. Read reviews here.