Clever Buddy Review: 17-in-1 Tool

Clever Buddy Review: 17-in-1 Tool
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Clever Buddy is a multi-function tool that can do the job of 17 different tools. Does it work? Read my Clever Buddy review.

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About Clever Buddy

Clever Buddy is a pocket-sized multi-use tool that can perform a wide variety of functions. The official website is buycleverbuddy.com, which was registered in November 2016. The screen shot below was taken of the product website in December 2016.

clever buddy review

Claims & Features

  • 17 tools in one
  • Includes LED flashlight
  • Ideal for furniture assembly
  • 1 touch on/off
  • Battery powered


You can get Clever Buddy for $14.99 + $7.99 P&H. There is an option to add a second unit for another $7.99 P&H. As of this writing, Clever Buddy isn’t available in stores.

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Clever Buddy Review

If you’ve seen advertising for Clever Buddy, you’ve no doubt heard it described as a 17-in-1 multi-function tool. We are told that it can replace a heavy toolbox full of tools.

While they can certainly claim that it is 17 tools in one, I would probably describe it as a 6-in-1 tool, as 12 of the “tools” are simply different types of bits. Thus, they come up with the number 17 in the following manner: LED flashlight, level, 2-position bit attachment, tape measure, hammer, and 12 bits.

That issue aside, how well does Clever Buddy perform in replacing a toolbox full of tools? In short, it probably doesn’t, at least not for large jobs. For small one-off projects, however, it’s probably a nice alternative to rustling through a large toolbox. It could also be ideal to keep something like this in your car for the occasion you may need a tool while on the go.

The tape measure is thin, but should be sufficient, while the level will work as expected. The various bits offer a good variety of options, although the handle may not be as ergonomic as a standard screwdriver or drill. The hammer may only find use in the smallest of jobs when a regular hammer isn’t available.

I would have preferred a rechargeable device, as the two button-type batteries (CR2032) required aren’t usually something you typically keep stocked up around the house.

Overall, I think Clever Buddy may have a place as a backup tool or for small jobs when you don’t want to dig through a toolbox. It may do the job of 17 tools, but certainly can’t replace them for tough jobs. The price isn’t unreasonable, although there is always that pesky (and nonrefundable) “P&H” as this is only available online or via phone orders.


There are numerous multi-function tools to be found in stores and online. An inexpensive yet popular choice is perhaps the Apollo Tools Mr 7 Hands Screwdriver which also includes an LED flashlight. That $14 item has a 4.3 star rating online.

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Your Clever Buddy Reviews

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