Crimpwich Review: Pocket Sandwich Maker

Crimpwich Review: Pocket Sandwich Maker
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Crimpwich is a device that creates crustless pocket sandwiches. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Crimpwich review.

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About Crimpwich

Crimpwich is a simple kitchen appliance that cuts, crimps, and seals sandwiches into a pocket with no crust. The official website is crimpwich.com, with a registration date of July 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in September 2017.

crimpwich review

Claims & Features

  • Each set comes with a regular and extra large size
  • Also comes with cutting board
  • Easily cut, crimp, and seal
  • Prepare pocket sandwiches with no crust
  • Make 12 crimpwiches per loaf of bread
  • Can be used in toaster and microwave
  • Create ideal ravioli
  • Make pizza pockets and pies


A Crimpwich system costs $19.99 + $5.99 P&H for a total of $25.98. There is an optional double offer for a separate fee of $5.99 which would raise the total to $31.97. Each Crimpwich set includes a sandwich/regular size Crimpwich, an extra large Crimpwich, a cutting board, and a recipe guide.

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Crimpwich Review

The advertising for Crimpwich is compelling as it shows this device making all sorts of food pockets that are ideal for storage or on the go. The design of Crimpwich is simple: A dome-shaped piece of plastic which you press onto bread or other items to create a pocket that is easy to handle and eat. To use Crimpwhich, you place a filling (such as peanut butter and jelly) onto a slice of bread, and then put another piece of bread on top of that. You won’t put the filling out to the edges like you would with a normal sandwich, however. The final step is to take the Crimpwhich and press it down onto the sandwich. This cuts the center into a circle with crimped edges, creating a sealed pocket sandwich.

Although sandwich pockets have been around for a long time, perhaps the most visible name in this category is Smucker’s Uncrustables. These are pre-made crustless sandwiches with a filling between two sealed layers of bread. That is essentially what Crimpwhich allows you to make on your own.

Keep in mind that there is a learning curve involved as to where you should (and shouldn’t) place your filling, and how much to include. Too much filling can spill out the sides or make the bread soggy, while too little will give you a very unfulfilling pocket. The type of bread also matters. Some of my favorite wheat breads have holes through which the filling would spill if I used it with this device. I’ve found that white bread works best, even though that’s not my preferred type of bread.

There are other pockets you can make with Crimpwich, but I suspect the vast majority of users will make sandwiches almost exclusively in order to sidestep having to buy Uncrustables. For that, I would just say that you need to find a good mix of the right kind of bread and the right amount of filling. Once you find that balance, I’m sure you’ll find this to work about as advertised.

I would suggest skipping the double offer, as I don’t see why anyone would need two sets of these. Even still, $26 puts the cost of this far above similar items, as I’ll discuss below. Because it’s just a couple of pieces of plastic, this seems more like a $10 item to me.

Crimpwhich is relatively new, which means it is probably a test marketed item. That often means slower shipping times than products that have been around longer. That also means it isn’t available in stores and could take months to arrive on shelves, if at all. I’ll update this space if anything changes.


Bread molds and pocket makers are quite common. If you’re making sandwiches primarily for kids, this $7 bear-shaped mold¬†creates cute pocket sandwiches. If cost is a factor, how about this $2 sandwich cutter that has high customer ratings? The Pampered Chef offers a slightly more high-end version with this $20 offering.

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