Curve Secret Review: Anti-Chafing Band

Curve Secret Review: Anti-Chafing Band
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Curve Secret is a band that helps prevent uncomfortable chafing. Does it actually work? Read our Curve Secret review.

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About Curve Secret

Curve Secret helps prevent chafing with a stylish band that slips onto your thight for immediate comfort. The official product website is buycurvesecret.com, with a registration date of July 2016. Below is a screen shot of the official website taken in November 2016.

curve secret review

Claims & Features

  • Eliminates pain and discomfort of chafing
  • Slip on for smooth comfort
  • Available in nude, black, and red
  • Sizes 2 through 22
  • Threaded with silicone


There are two options to purchase Curve Secret: Black and Nude for $14.99 + $7.99 shipping, or $14.99 + $7.99 shipping + $7.99 fee for black, nude, and red. This amounts to $22.98 for two, or $30.97 for three.

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Curve Secret isn’t available in stores as of this writing.

Curve Secret Review

If you’ve suffered from chafing of the thighs, the makers of Curve Secret have a product for you. Advertised as a simple and stylish solution to chafing, Curve Secret is a slip-on garment which instantly provides relief.

When thighs rub together, it can lead to discomfort and chafing. With Curve Secret, you slip on the stretchable lace garment to provide a barrier against rubbing and chafing.

You can get Curve Secret in nude, black, and red, and in sizes ranging from 2 to 22. Its stretchy material should accommodate the majority of women. It stays in place by means of anti-slip silicone threading.

It is a simple and elegant solution, providing a stylish fashion accessory that can provide immediate relief to a common problem. The appearance is similar to that of thigh-high tights, and can be worn with skirts or shorts.

A minority of users may complain that the texture of the lace material may not completely eliminate the problem of friction or chafing. There are non-lace competing products that address that concern, although they may not be as stylish.

Price-wise, Curve Secret is in the middle of the pack in comparison to similar products (see below), when you factor in the current double and triple offers.

We think the majority of women who use Curve Secret will find that it works about as expected.


Curve Secret looks like a number of chafing bands available online and in stores. They can range in price from $4 to $18. Perhaps the most popular competitor is the Bandelettes anti-chafing thigh band, which costs about $18, and is available in over a dozen designs.

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