Dap XHose Pro Reviews: Does it Hold up?

Dap XHose Pro Reviews: Does it Hold up?
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Dap XHose Pro is light-weight expandable garden hose which has been advertised on television. Here is our Dap XHose Review plus key product information.

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XHose Pro

Several different expandable hoses have been competing for As Seen on TV consumer dollars in recent years, including heavily advertised options such as Flex-Able Hose and Pocket Hose. The Dap XHose Pro seems at first glance to solve some of the problems associated with its competition, namely fittings that break easily. So how does Dap XHose Pro measure up?

We put it to the test and our results were disappointing. Even though the pro model of the Xhose features “solid brass fittings,” we still had problems with leakages and breakage. Two two products that we tested experienced many of the same problems that the other expandable hoses have, even with the brass fittings. In reading other internet reviews, we found that other reviewers had similar experiences.

The Dap Xhose Pro “About” page describes the product in the following manner:

“The original expandable garden hose, XHOSE by DAP®, is everything your typical garden hose isn’t – it’s lightweight, compact, and expandable, with a powerful spray and a kink-free design. Now the DAP® XHOSE Pro is better than ever, with solid brass fittings, a wider diameter and more powerful spray, and crafted from even stronger materials. Plus, it expands and contracts up to twice its length for easy maneuverability and convenient storage. The DAP® XHOSE Pro is like no hose in the world, making it easier than ever to work in the yard, wash your car, and more – you can even take it on the go, in your truck, boat, or RV.”

Note: the Xhose Pro appears to have been replaced by an even newer model: the XHose Pro Extreme. You can read a review for that version here. The XHose Pro can still be found in some stores, however.

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Official Website

  • xhose.com
  • Registered December 30, 1999


  • Tagline: “The original expanding hose is better than ever!”
  • Automatically expands and contracts
  • Full 3/4″ inside hose diameter for a more powerful spray
  • Durable material is stronger than ever
  • Lightweight hose with solid brass fittings
  • Contracts in seconds when the water is turned off
  • Will not kink or tangle
  • Good for autos, gardening, and cleaning
  • Available in stores


  • $29.95 plus $8.95 s/h – For every one 25′ XHOSE Pro you order, you will receive two! (special offer of 25′ XHOSE Pro, for just $29.95, plus $8.95 shipping and handling. )
  • $49.95 plus $9.95 s/h – For every one 50′ XHOSE Pro you order, you will receive two! (special offer of 50′ XHOSE Pro, for just $49.95, plus $9.95 shipping and handling.)
  • $69.95 plus $10.95 s/h – For every one 75′ XHOSE Pro you order, you will receive two! (special offer of 75′ XHOSE Pro, for just $69.95, plus $10.95 shipping and handling.)


Below are screen shots of the official website from December 2013 and April 2015. Note that the “250 PSI” reference was removed, and the website as of 2016 now primarily touts XHose Pro Extreme, which you can find reviewed here.

Hose Pro

xhose pro 2015

XHose Pro website in April 2015

Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for Dap XHose Pro:

Your Dap XHose Pro Reviews

Have you tried DAP XHOSE Pro? Please give us your review in the comments below and give it a star rating above.

First published January 2014
Modified April 4, 2015

  • Ron Concato

    I have been through 7 50′ hoses in the past 4 months. Lifetime guarentee is bogus they don’t replace more than 3. All have either exploded or sprung leaks in different places.

    • Freakin’ Reviews

      Have you found a suitable replacement for this product?

  • Ralph Piazzo

    I just had four 25 foot sections of XHOSE Pro fail after less than 6 months use. I was informed by customer service that it would cost me near $40 plus return shipping to get replacements. I find their claim to have a low fail rate laughable based on my experience. It’s a nice racket they have going on with a subpar product. I’ll start lugging a heavier, more reliable hose around again for the future.

  • george

    Would not buy this product. It blew up twice and they don’t pay for shipping and handling.

  • Steve G

    I purchased 2 of the XHose PRO 25′ hoses. BOTH leaked on first use at the interface between the brass fitting and the hose. Returned for money back. And, yes, I had to pay return shipping. Can you spell, RIPOFF?

  • Deborah Holt

    I purchase several of the original hoses last year and within one to two times of use the broke. Love the idea I have arthritis, but I can’t return them and feel like I was duped.

  • CPO

    After 3 replacement hoses the company no longer will respond to my e-mails stating the problems with the hoses I had and the new ones they sent me that also have failed. The lifetime replacement is a scam!!! I agree with the other poster 3 times and you are out. I am going to file a BBB complaint because of this statement about the lifetime replacement. I have told them the swedged ends are the problem. One tiny bit of movement on either end will cause leaks.
    A PO customer. Stand by I will get my money back!!!

  • Jamie Hall

    The idea of a collapsible hose is great, but they either don’t have the technology to make them correctly, or they are just making them very cheaply, because I’ve gone through four of them already in two months. The first time it happened I called to get my money back, but I was talked in to receiving two more hoses directly in the mail, so I said ok. Big mistake. When it happens again, which it will no matter how careful you are, they now want you to pay to ship it back to them, and charge you a fee to accept the broken ones.

    I don’t know why anyone would ever carry a product from this company.

  • Laryy

    I have had the same blowouts on 2 different expandable hoses and one brass fitting failure in the threaded portion of the hose, they all advertise on TV, and our water pressure is very low in rural Pennsylvania, its well water!

  • Bob J

    Just purchased the 75′ X Hose Pro, buy one get one free, used the first hose to wash the car and it burst the first time. I was hoping the pro hose was made better than the original x hose, it lasted over a month. Per the reviews I have read it doesn’t sound like I will get any results from the X Hose company. I will file a complaint with the BBB.

  • Wendell Laxton

    Just used my new 75 foot XHosePro for the second time and it expolded, I am going to send it back and I want credit for this purchase looks like they ALL have this same problem. Great idea to bad its made in Cine what was I thinking same old Chinese crap.

  • Jim Tuttle

    A friend of ours bought my wife (2) 75′ Xhoses for her birthday last year.
    By the time she got them it was fall so she put them up until this spring.
    We got them out today to wash our cars and one of them had pin hole leaks in it and the other one blew up in my hands.
    Since they were a gift, I don’t know what to do about getting replacements.

  • cg valentine

    The second time I used the Xpro brass tipped hose it blew up.
    Where do you find a customer service number for this inferior product.?

  • Tania Landers

    I buy last season, and broken in 2 weeks, junk! Lo
    st my money! Thief’s

  • Roger Lieberman

    2nd time using hose busted on my wife scared the crap out of her.

  • Roger Lieberman

    The worst don’t even think about it popped like a balloon the 2nd use watering flowers.

  • Mark Boyd

    You need to understand that they actually profit from sending out a product you will return. It’s the old shipping and handling scam. They charge you $8.95 to return the leaking hose, when it probably costs them around $3.95 since they must deliver them by bicycle given it takes over two weeks to arrive. That means they make a $5 profit for every returned hose. The “handler” is on the payroll so he/she never sees a dime of the handling fee, which goes to the company. It wouldn’t surprise me if they deliberately sent out leaky hoses knowing they will make an additional $5-$10 per customer! Sounds like a class action lawsuit in the works. I’m thinking of calling a national investigative reporter to check into this scam. It sounds like very few of the hoses work without leaking. You gotta remember, they ARE made in China so the case might be made that you are actually getting what you deserve for not buying American.

    • Renee

      Count me in if you get a class action suit going! I’ve purchased about 8 of these hoses. All but one has failed, most of them immediately. The black ones with the brass fittings were the worst; they didn’t last two days. A neighbor also bought one of the black ones. It literally exploded into pieces before his eyes the second time he used it. If he had been standing closer, he would’ve been hurt. These hoses are total crap. Too bad because I used to trust the DAP brand. And you are right about the returns. I’ve been arguing with the company recently to no avail. They will only replace the hoses if I pay shipping to return them and on top of that, they’ll charge me $9.95 per 50′ hose replaced. So I’m supposed to pay approximately $15 per replacement and believe they won’t fail as well? I wasted so much money on these thinking they’d be great for my greenhouse, deck, etc.

    • scott117

      Someone needs to call them out on the terrible product…

  • SpediacciMan2

    More Chinese junk. One lasted a few months, the other 3 days.

  • dmc

    Too bad I didn’t come here earlier. I ordered three hoses using the TV phone number, and the first tine that my sister turned on the water the hose burst. The packaging that the hoses came in had no return phone number nor address, so where do I go to get my money back? What a piece of junk!

  • ads

    I am considering buying the pro hose. I have the original blue X Hose and I’ve had it for a year with absolutely no problems at all. I have taken care of it and brought it inside after use, though it has been outside in the sun for the last three weeks. Perhaps that will result in a burst soon, I don’t know.

    However, no leaks, no bursts, nothing. It expands and contracts properly and while it has low water pressure, I don’t really care since I’m watering my plants with it.

    Unfortunately, even though I’ve had a great experience, I’m not sure about getting another given all these bad reviews.

  • Gary Karns

    Bought two of the 50ft. and after using them for less than an hour, they both sprang a leak. Somewhat expensive lesson to learn but learned it was. I will not waste my time or money returning them, (which I expect is just how the company planned it), because it’s crystal clear to me they are an extremely inferior product. And don’t bother asking me how, why, when, or where I used them. No, the fault isn’t mine. Crap in, crap out.

  • mario

    I’ve purchased 2 of these One at a home show and one at menard’s. The one from menard’s sprung a leak with 2 months. Took it back to menards which they replaced. The one from the home show sprung a leak today from inside the brass fitting that the hose goes into. What a rip off! Just like a previous poster I am not wasting my time to try to return another one. Going back to regular hoses and chalking it up to money going down the drain (literally)

  • Rex

    Bought 4 of the hoses and they all failed
    Now the local hardware stor will no replace


    This company must get almost all of the hoses the sell returned since they are truly junk. I purchased the package and received 2 black hoses and 1 blue hose. Both black hoses burst the first time they where used right out of the package. The Blue one has held up but I have only used it once. The company wants you to return the damaged hose in order to get a replacement hose. You end up having to pay return postage for a hose that will most likely break again when you try to use it. The customer service people tell you that you can not use the hose at full blast or it will rupture, This means you have to turn on the water pressure very low and then open the spray end of the hose to let out water and then go and open the pressure all the way while letting the water out at the same time. You then have to turn down the pressure before closing the spray end of the hose to make sure the hose does not burst. You have to follow this procedure every time you intend to use the hose at full pressure. I this procedure is not done the hose will burst at the end where the hose is joined to the brass fitting. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT A HOSE LIKE THIS???????

  • Mike Martin

    I would not be able to recommend the Dap black brass flexible hose as 3 out of 4 have failed. Two blew up and 1 just leaked. After reading the reviews above I guess I will just throw them away as it seems like everyone has had similar problems without any satisfaction from the company. I am going to contact Bed Bath and beyond that they should pull this product as they will have nothing but problems. Should have read the reviews before I bought this product.

  • Gary

    I bought 2 50′ and 2 75′ everyone popped after about 4 t0 5 uses. They replaced them three times. Same problem, now they won’t replace. I can’t believe DAP would allow there name used on such a substandard product. I am looking into legal action regarding lifetime warranty and false advertising.

  • Ron

    Have had 2 of the 50′ “X” hoses and both blew a hole within about 2-3 months use. Went back to the old style hose because the “X” hose is all smoke and mirrors and I will tell anyone the same. Biggest waste of time and money and just pure junk, IMO.

  • matt

    I went through 6 replacements of the XHOSE. The issues were inner tubing will
    rupture thus leaks out of the outer webbing, or the inner tubing and the the outer webbing will separate at the same time. I called 2nd time for a replacement and I’m told I have to pay for the replacement. I’m certain when I made this purchase that it had a “life time” warranty? (gonna have to search for those documents) If you don’t mind replacing hoses every 2 yrs, this is the product for ya!! Very disappointed….

  • Carol Kuta

    Had 3 of the green hoses and gave up. Spent $60 on the Xhosepro Aug. 1st. of last year. It popped this Aug. 31st, so I got about 6 months use of it. I made sure I always drained it and stored out of the sun. Put it away for the winter. I’m going back to regular hoses.

  • scott117

    Bought these about 1 year ago. We store in garage and use very rarely. To my surprise today I went to hose off some white flies from a palm and the hose exploded, went and hooked up the the second one and the same thing happened. For the price I would not buy again they do not warranty it but for 90 days. Don’t waste your money…

  • Mike Holeva

    Junk!…..wish I would have read reviews last fall when I purchased them through Woot. Bought two 75 foot ones…..Popped and leaked with little use after only a few days .

  • Manuel Yi Donoy

    This product SUCKS! My first hose began to leak during its very first use. I called Dap and they sent me a new “improved” hose. Almost as bad as bad as the first one! The second hose lasted three months but mind you, I only used the hose 3 times and kept in in our laundry room. The laundry room is climate controlled.
    So disappointed in this Dap hose! The attorney general should investigate Dap for such a widely advertised POS!