Emery Cat Gym Review: Three-Sided Cat Scratcher

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Emery Cat Gym is a triangular scratching surface for cats that gently grooms their claws. Does it work? Read our Emery Cat Gym review.

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About Emery Cat Gym

Emery Cat Gym is a multiple-sided scratching structure for felines that is shaped like a triangle. The scratching material is said to safely and gently groom cat’s nails as they play. The product website is emerycat.com, which was first registered in March 2017. The screen shot below shows how the product website looked in March 2017.

emery cat gym review

Claims & Features

  • Cat claws safely groomed by scratching material
  • Catnip infused
  • Multiple-sided triangular scratching surface
  • Solid & sturdy construction for feline play
  • Perfect for multiple cats


When ordering Emery Cat Gym, there is an unavoidable double offer where a bonus unit is added for a fee of $5.99.  The original units costs $19.99 + $5.99 P&H + $5.99 P&H for the double offer equals a total of $31.97.

As of this writing, this offer is not available in stores.

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Emery Cat Gym Review

If the name “Emery Cat” sounds familiar, you may recall “Emery Cat Board” which was advertised on television years ago. That single-sided cat scratcher was one of my earliest product reviews (on another website), and was advertised as a “honeycomb surface” that worked “like a nail file.” It was a hot seller, until consumers realized it was not very sturdy or durable.

Now we have Emery Cat Gym – which is sold on the same website used to market Emery Cat Board years ago (emerycat.com). This is a triangular cat scratcher that provides several scratching surfaces for cats. The fact that it provides vertical scratching is superior to flat cat scratchers, as this is a cat’s preferred method of scratching.

A triangle scratcher is better than flat scratchers for several reasons, among them being that it ends up lasting longer. Keep in mind that your cat will not scratch the entire surface, but toward the top of each side. That means you can rotate it multiple ways to keep a fresh surface available to your cat.

One concern I have is that it could be pretty small for some cats. You’ll notice several scenes in the advertising that show kittens playing with it, but when a full-grown orange tabby shows up the product is dwarfed. Rather than including a bonus 2nd unit, I would have preferred an option to upgrade to a larger unit, as I’ve seen similar sellers offer this choice online.

Most of the other triangular scratchers I’ve seen (see below) tend to have curved sides, which is said to be easier to scratch. Emery Cat Gym doesn’t have curved sides, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a deal-breaker.

Overall, Emery Cat Gym looks to be a solid cat scratcher, although it could be too small for larger cats. Hopefully they come out with a larger version and sell this in stores so you can evaluate it first-hand before making your purchase.


You may recognize the Emery Cat Gym’s triangular design, as there are numerous triangle cat scratchers on the market. This model by PetFusion, for example, has an impressive rating among hundreds of consumers and was a Cat Fancy award winner.

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