EZ Notes Review

EZ Notes Review
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EZ Notes are notes that can stick to any surface.

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About EZ Notes

EZ Notes are notes which can be left around the house to remind one to do various tasks.

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What They Claim

  • Clings to any surface (including metal, wood, glass, and brick)
  • Cling without glue or tape
  • Not sticky
  • Easy to write on
  • Easy to see

EZ Notes Cost

$10 + S&H, includes bonus calendar and double offer – separate S&H


EZ Notes could be called a next-gen sticky note. Whereas the traditional sticky note (or Post-It Note) is a piece of paper with an adhesive strip, EZ Notes uses no adhesive and clings to any surface using static electricity. Another primary difference is that EZ Notes allows you to erase and reuse them numerous times.

Perhaps the only questions a consumer may ask are how long the clinging properties last, and whether or not the improved features justifies the cost over regular sticky notes.

Overall, EZ Notes does bring enough new features to the table to warrant giving this product a look.

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