EZ Pockets Review

EZ Pockets Review
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EZ Pockets are pans which allow you to make individual pocket pies at home. Here is our EZ Pockets review plus key product information.

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EZ Pockets is a baking pan with 6 pockets which allows you to make individual pies. Using it is simple: Lay your dough across the pockets, drop in your filling, and then cover it with a top layer of dough.

The idea behind EZ Pockets is a good one, and it is certainly a simple way to create pockets of various fillings. We found the pan to be well-made and the nonstick surface performs well. The pies, however, are a little smaller and not as deep as we would have liked. This makes for rather small pie pieces that don’t go very far when you have several people waiting to eat them. A larger design would have been better. Overall it does work, but the slices are a bit on the small side for our tastes.

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Official Website

  • getezpockets.com
  • Registered on October 25, 2012



  • Tagline: EZ Pockets are as easy as pie!
  • “The pan’s ridge guides keep the perfect dough cutter in place so you can easily seal, cut, and decorate the edges perfectly every time.”
  • “With EZ Pockets, you can get perfect personal size pie servings every time.”
  • Nonstick pan


  • A 6-pocket EZ Pocket costs $19. 95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $27.90
  • You can also include the EZ Pocket square pan for another $6.95 shipping for a grand total of $34.85


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