Hurricane Fur Wizard Review: Double Sided Lint Brush

Hurricane Fur Wizard Review: Double Sided Lint Brush
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Hurricane Fur Wizard is a double sided brush with a self cleaning base that is used to clean up fur, fuzz, and lint. Does it work? Read my Hurricane Fur Wizard review.

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About Hurricane Fur Wizard

Hurricane Fur Wizard is a brush for gathering up pet fur, fuzz, or lint. It comes with a self cleaning stand, and the double sided brush is composed of thousands of micro bristles.  The product website is buyfurwizard.com, which was first registered in September 2016. The screen shots below show how the product website looked in March 2017 and in June 2017 after it was re-branded under the “Hurricane” name.

fur wizard review

The “Fur Wizard” website in March 2017.

hurricane fur wizard

The “Hurricane Fur Wizard” website in June 2017.

Claims & Features

  • Extra large with double sided action
  • Standing self cleaning base
  • Brush contains thousands of micro bristles
  • Does not require refills
  • Comes with free mini brush


Hurricane Fur Wizard costs $19.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $27.98. There is an optional special offer to receive a second Fur Wizard and a mini brush for an additional $9.99. Choosing this double offer brings the total to $37.97. As of this writing, Hurricane Fur Wizard is not available in stores, but it is offered on the BulbHead website for $19.99.

Hurricane Fur Wizard Review

Hurricane Fur Wizard is a double-sided lint brush designed to pick up pet hair. It also includes a self-cleaning base that removes pet hair from both sides of the brush simultaneously, which allows you to continue cleaning with little hassle.

Note that when I first saw this product back in March 2017, it was sold under the name “Fur Wizard” and was colored red. By June 2017, it had been re-branded as Hurricane Fur Wizard, and the color was changed to blue, which matches the color of all the other Hurricane products.

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The brush itself resembles a standard lint brush that has been around for years. Where it stands apart from the rest is not so much in the brush, but in the base, which is designed to quickly remove hair from the lint brush. When you press Fur Wizard into the base, there are bristles on both sides of the lining that grab the fur and pull it off of the brush. When the base becomes full, you can remove the clip and dump fur into the trash.

Hurricane Fur Wizard sports a relatively proven design that should satisfy the majority of users who try it. How well the base works could depend on a variety of factors, including the type of pet hair and how long you go between cleaning it out.

As you can see in my video below, I had quite good luck with it, as I was able to pick up hair from my Chihuahua and two golden retrievers. My most extreme test was playing with a golden in a blue suit and then using the Fur Wizard to clean it off. It may not remove 100% of fur, but it’s pretty close to it.

I like that Hurricane Fur Wizard comes with a mini version that is designed to be taken with you on the go. It’s smaller and only has one side, but generally works similar to its larger counterpart, although probably not quite as well. The only thing I’ve noticed over time about the Hurricane Fur Wizard is that it eventually becomes dusty and will transfer that to your clothing if you don’t keep it clean.

With inexpensive lint brushes costing only about $5-$10, the Fur Wizard offer of $28 for one, or $38 for two, seems far higher than you might expect to pay for such an item, even with bonus “mini” brushes included. If you are set on getting it, I suggest getting it in stores for about $20.

hurricane fur wizard review

Emptying the captured hair from Hurricane Fur Wizard.

hurricane fur wizard review

Cleaning this fur-filled shirt was pretty easy.

hurricane fur wizard review

The self-cleaning base worked pretty well, even when I had a large amount of fur on the brush.


There are numerous double-sided lint brushes, typically costing about $5 – $10, and which resemble Fur Wizard. In the As Seen on TV universe, you may recall the Lint Wizard, which is a self-cleaning lint brush that costs about $15.

Video Review

Below you can find my full video review of Hurricane Fur Wizard.

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Updated October 2017.