Hairology Refresh Brush Review: Does This Ionic Hair Brush Work?

Hairology Refresh Brush Review: Does This Ionic Hair Brush Work?
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Hairology Refresh Brush is designed to refresh and restore your hair in between shampoos. Does it work? Read our Hairology Refresh Brush review.

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About Hairology Refresh Brush

Hairology Refresh Brush is an ionic hair brush that cleans, freshens, detangles, and volumizes. The official product website is tryhairology.com, which was first registered in May 2016. Below is a screen capture of the official website from October 2016.

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Claims & Features

  • Revives, refreshes, and restores hair with millions of “cleansing ions”
  • Eliminates frizz, adds body and shine
  • Allows you to use less shampoo to keep color vibrant


You can get Hairology Refresh Brush for $29.99 with free shipping. As of this writing, Hairology Refresh Brush is not available in stores.

Hairology Refresh Brush Review

Hairology Refresh is an ionic brush that is advertised as a way to keep your hair radiant in between shampoos. It works by generating millions of ions that are released as you brush your hair. These ions help detangle, de-frizz, and restore shine to your hair.

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There is nothing different about Hairology Refresh Brush over other ionic brushes, but the makers have chosen a slightly different angle from which to present their product. Most ionic hair brushes are advertised for their ability to deliver shine and reduce frizz, while Hairology Refresh Brush is promoted for its ability to revive hair in between shampoos.

To get the most from an ionic hair brush such as this, you should use it regularly. Regular use will make your hair feel softer, with less static and frizz. As the makers suggest, this should allow you to keep your hair looking better in between shampooing. Although results will not be the same for all hair types, most consumers have said that ionic hair brushes do provide better results than standard hair brushes.

Wise Geek has an informative article on ionic hair brushes, in which they state:

Hair has a natural positive charge that causes the strands to repel each other, which commonly causes frizz and fly-away hairs. These problems tend to be exacerbated by certain environmental conditions like high air humidity. When the ions of an ionic hair brush react with repelling hair, the ions force the strands to lay straight alongside each other, usually from the root and cuticle to the very tips of each strand. Hair is typically is softer and has more volume shortly after treatment, and the results are supposed to last for hours if not all day.

Hairology Refresh Brush is plastic and battery operated. There is a switch that turns it on or off. When you slide the power switch upward, a blue light lets you know that the unit is on. Once the unit is on, you simply brush your hair as your normally would. Its ionic feature in most cases will provide superior results to that of standard brushes. Frizz and flyaways should be greatly reduced when you use Hairology Refresh Brush.

Overall, we think that Hairology Refresh Brush will work for those who use it regularly. Whether it can stand out among less expensive competitors remains to be seen.


The Conair John Frieda Ionic Brush is very similar to Hairology Refresh Brush in design and function, although it costs about half the price (around $17 as of this writing). That item has a 4.1 star rating among over 150 reviews.

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