Hazuki Glasses Review: Designer Reading Glasses?

Hazuki Glasses Review: Designer Reading Glasses?
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Hazuki Glasses are lightweight and sturdy magnifying designer eye-wear. Do they work? Read our Hazuki Glasses review.

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About Hazuki Glasses

Hazuki Glasses are magnifying designer eyeglasses that claim to improve sharpness and clarity in any light level. The product website is hazukiglasses.com, which was first registered in September 2016. The screen shot below shows how the product website looked in April 2017. The website tryhazuki.com has also been used in advertising, but that now forwards to the main website.

hazuki glasses review

Claims & Features

  • Objects appear 160% larger
  • Clear vision in any light
  • Lightweight & look great
  • Block 99% of UV light
  • Does not require a prescription


A pair of Hazuki Glasses costs $99.99. There is an option to pay in 3 installments of $33.33. The glasses come with a carrying case and a lens cleaning cloth. Hazuki Glasses are available with a variety of the following options. Style options: large, standard, or compact. Frame color options: black, purple, red, or white. Magnification options: 1.6 for close up work or 1.32 for computers. Tint options: clear or tinted.

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You can also find Hazuki on Amazon for about $106.

Hazuki Glasses Review

For those accustomed to buying cheap reading glasses, the idea of a $100 pair of reading glasses may be surprising. Hazuki Glasses are advertised as durable and stylish magnifying glasses that are surprisingly lightweight.

Hazuki Glasses offer a magnification of 160x and feature a single lens that spans across both sides. It somewhat resembles a lightweight pair of safety goggles. According to the product Facebook page, the clear tint blocks 35% of blue light, while the tinted variant blocks 55% of blue light.

Although this product has only recently engaged in an advertising campaign, it has been around long enough to compile several consumer reviews. And, as expected, reviews tend to fall into two opposing categories. Customers who are happy with their purchase of Hazuki Glasses tend to praise them for their sturdy, lightweight construction. The lenses are clear and the frames are comfortable.

Those who have expressed negative reviews, however, refer to Hazuki as “overpriced reading glasses.” Although that is an understandable sentiment, the UV protection and reduction of blue light does set Hazuki apart from generic reading glasses. I would say the description of “overpriced reading glasses” is probably a bit oversimplified.

Overall, Hazuki Glasses are high quality reading glasses which also reduce blue light. At $100, it may be a tough sell to many consumers who pay $1-$20 for inexpensive reading glasses that function about the same. For those who don’t mind the price tag, Hazuki Glasses should not fail to impress.


There are untold numbers of reading glasses of varying sizes and styles. You may recall an As Seen on TV product called Big Vision, which is still available for about $11 and sports a positive consumer rating.

Television Commercial

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