HD Vision Special Ops Review: Tactical Sunglasses

HD Vision Special Ops are sunglasses which help enhance color and clarity while reducing glare. Do they really work? Here is our HD Vision Special Ops review.

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About HD Vision Special Ops

HD Vision Special Ops is advertised as a pair of “tactical” sunglasses that provide enhanced clarity while offering scratch-resistant lenses. The official website is hdspecialops.com, with a registration date of June 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in September 2017.

hd vision special ops review

Claims & Features

  • Heightens colors, contrast, and clearness
  • Decreases glare without dimming perspective
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Resists scratching
  • Optimal for a variety of activities


There is a mandatory double offer when ordering HD Vision Special Ops. It comes with the HD Vision Night Ops. The set costs $19.99 + $4.99 P&H for a total of $24.98. At the time of this writing, HD Vision Special Ops is not available in stores.

HD Vision Special Ops Review

It seems as though the As Seen on TV ‘tactical sunglasses’ bandwagon is now in full force with HD Vision Special Ops recently jumping on board. This product joins Tac Glasses, Red Shift XT Black Ops, and Battle Vision (formerly known as “Sniper Vision”) in this quickly growing niche of As Seen on TV tactical sunglasses. Not only do these four products share similar designs, but their advertising seems interchangeable.

If the name “HD Vision” sounds familiar, there have been several products advertised over the years under this brand name, such as HD Vision Glasses, HD Night Vision, HD Vision Visor, and HD Vision Flip Up Wraparounds.

So what makes HD Vision Special Ops stand out above ordinary polarized sunglasses? That’s actually a tough one to answer, because the differences are minimal. I’m not even sure there’s any discernible difference between the lenses in this product and the original HD Vision Glasses, other than in the shape. The original HD Glasses were also originally marketed as a set of day-night glasses, so what is being advertised right now feels like a re-packaged HD Vision Glasses with new frames in order to jump on the “tactical” bandwagon. That is purely speculation on my part.

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That said, in comparing these sunglasses to the other tactical glasses in my arsenal (Red Shift XT and Tac Glasses), I would pick these over the other because the amber tinted lenses are more pleasing to look through, and the design is not as bad as the others. Tac Glasses has a sort of bug-like look while Red Shift XT looks more like safety goggles, thus I would choose these over the other both for style and function. They probably wouldn’t be my first choice of sunglasses, however.

I have no doubt that a pair of polarized lenses will enhance clarity and reduce glare, so if you pick these up, I’m sure they will work fine for you. I’d also expect the same results with the thousands of other polarized sunglasses on the market. The bendable frames are a nice touch, although not necessarily compelling enough to make these stand above the fray.

If it were me, I’d visit a sunglasses display at a local store and try on all of the polarized lenses to see which one looks best on my face. Now that you can find HD Vision Special Ops in stores (I picked them up at Walmart for $14.88, but keep in mind you might find them around the reading glasses instead of the As Seen on TV section), I don’t think that they are a bad purchase. They may not be worthy of some of the advertising hype, but they’re certainly an OK pair of plastic sunglasses.


There are a numerous  “tactical” sunglasses sold in stores and online. This pair of COSVER polarized sunglasses is pretty close in design and function to Sniper Vision, and also costs about $20 with Amazon Prime shipping. This model by Torege has even higher ratings with a price of about $22, and offers five interchangeable lenses for various situations.

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Updated January 2018

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