Hot Jewels Reviews: Do They Really Work?

Hot Jewels Reviews: Do They Really Work?
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Hot Jewels are advertised as metallic temporary tattoos which are to be worn as body jewelry. Read our Hot Jewels reviews here.

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About Hot Jewels

Hot Jewels are a simple design: metallic temporary tattoos which take on the appearance of body jewelry. Despite its simplistic invention, the idea is quite ingenious. In today’s world of excessive bling, the idea of metallic “body jewelry” makes sense.

Although most of the advertising for Hot Jewels has been in the form of advertising on kids’ television (on channels such as Disney XD), the website and videos produced for the product appeal to a wider range of girls and young women.

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Hot Jewels comes on sheets. The consumer simply cuts out the desired tattoo, places it on the body, and applies moisture. After a short time, the sheet is removed, and the metallic tattoo is then transferred onto the skin.

The official website is hotjewels.com, which was registered back in 2000. An internet archive search of that domain, however, reveals that it did not have any such product until 2014.

Claims and Features

  • Can be work alongside real jewelry
  • Water resistant
  • 6 different stylistic collections: Classic, Tribal, Feathers, Love, Weave, and Sphere
  • Applied in the same manner as temporary tattoos
  • Lasts 4 to 6 days, but can be removed easily

How Much Do Hot Jewels Cost?

Hot Jewels cost $10 plus $5.95, for a grand total of $15.95.

The product is slated to arrive in stores in November. Retailers listed as first carrying the product are Bed Bath & Beyond, Justice, and Toys R Us.

Similar Products

There are several gold and metallic temporary tattoos on the market. Perhaps the product most similar to Hot Jewels is Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, which looks similar, costs the same, and has similar marketing to Hot Jewels.

There is also a product called Flash Tattoos (Flashtat.com) that looks quite similar. It appears to be marketed primarily to young women, and not kids as seen in Hot Jewels marketing. Flash Tattoos has been around since 2013, thus would appear to have been marketed first in this niche.

Television Commercial

The official television commercial below was posted to YouTube in August 2014.

Your Hot Jewels Reviews

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