HurriClean Review: Tank and Bowl Clean With One Flush?

HurriClean Review: Tank and Bowl Clean With One Flush?
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HurriClean is a cleaning product that cleans your toilet tank and bowl at the same time. Read our HurriClean review.

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About HurriClean

HurriClean claims to clean and remove stains and bacteria in your toilet with fast action speed. The official product website is hurriclean.com, which was first registered in June 2009. Below is a screen capture of the official website from October 2016.

hurriclean review

Claims & Features

  • Cleans tank and toilet
  • Cleans jet stream
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Removes hard water and mineral deposits
  • Improves flush
  • Septic-safe and Phosphate-free


From the official website, you can purchase HurriClean as either a three or six pack. The three pack – or the “Single Offer” – is $10.00 with free shipping. The six pack – or the “Double Offer” – is $10.00 plus free shipping with an additional pack for a separate $6.99 fee. In total, your order will be either $10.00 or $16.99, depending on which offer you choose.

HurriClean can also be found in stores and online for around $10 for a box of three.

HurriClean Review

HurriClean is a pour-in toilet cleaner. While drop-in toilet cleaning products have existed for decades, HurriClean is a one-time use packet of “real fruit acids and washing sodas” which supposedly clean your tank and bowl with a single flush. Although it sounds too good to be true, it might actually work if your expectations are realistic and the type of water in your area cooperates.

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Unlike common toilet bowl disks which last hundreds or thousands of flushes, HurriClean is a one-time use powder which is poured into the toilet’s tank. After it foams, you’ll let it sit for at least six hours, then flush. How much improvement your tank shows will vary greatly. The bowl probably benefit as much, but that will depend on the kind of stains present there.

Mold, iron stains, and hard water stains should be reduced in some cases. If you don’t find that the first treatment works, you may want to extend the amount of time that HurriClean remains in the tank before flushing – or perhaps pour all three packets in for a “shock” treatment.

Because HurriClean soaks in the tank, that is where you should expect the most improvement. It merely flows over the bowl once, and may not provide as much deep cleaning there as in the tank.

HurriClean can be found in stores and on Amazon, where it holds a rather unimpressive 2.4 star rating among online reviewers. There seems to be a rather wide range of opinions on whether or not this product actually works. I have heard that it “did nothing” as well as some who said it “is a very good product.” The differences in opinion seem to be affected by the amount and type of of buildup in the tank, as well as the type of water in your area.

As you can see in my video below, I was able to get two flappers which were covered in a green buildup to revert to white, although the sediment in the bottom and the bowl didn’t show much improvement.

hurriclean results

In this before and after, you can see that the flapper and bolt were both cleaner after a treatment.

If your expectations are realistic, you may find that HurriClean gets the job done, and at least improves your toilet tank. From reading various reviews, it is obvious that a wide array of opinions exist on HurriClean. In my case, I saw some cleaning occur in the tank, but no improvement in the bowl. I assume that minerals and water hardness may play a key role in HurriClean’s effectiveness.

If you’re on the fence, you can find HurriClean in some stores for about $10 for a three pack, which should allow you to try it without much of an investment.


There aren’t many tank drop in products like this, although some customers have had luck with Clorox Control Bleach Crystals, which can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Video Review

You can see my evaluation of HurriClean in the video below.

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