Leak No More Review: Universal Hose Gasket

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Leak No More is a universal hose gasket that twists on to stop leaking. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Leak No More review.

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About Leak No More

Leak No More is a gasket that can be screwed onto to any hose or faucet to repair leakage. The official website is buyleaknomore.com, with a registration date of February 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017.

leak no more review

Claims & Features

  • Universal gasket quickly twists on to control leaks
  • Built-in seal creates an attachment free of leakage
  • Weather resistant
  • Can also be used indoors on leaky faucets
  • Includes self-adhering silicone tape for patching


Leak No More costs $14.99 + $6.99 P&H for a total of $21.98. This mandatory double offer includes 8 gaskets and 2 rolls of hose fix tape (6 feet in total). As of this writing, Leak No More is not sold in stores.

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Leak No More Review

Leak No More is an As Seen on TV universal hose gasket which will supposedly help you to create a leak-free connection. The design is relatively simple: A plastic threaded housing with a rubberized interior on both ends. This device can be used between a hose and a spigot or nozzle in order to stop leaks.

Hose leaks tend to occur as existing threads or seals degrade and allow water to seep through. Leak No More creates an additional seal for your hose, so it stops leaks. It’s a relatively simple and foolproof design, and I have no doubt that Leak No More will work in the majority of situations.

The bigger question is perhaps whether or not Leak No More makes financial sense. If you have a simple 25 foot hose, it may be less expensive to replace that than to purchase Leak No More for $22. The same could be said if you are looking to stop the leaks with an inexpensive hose nozzle. For those hoping to salvage a more expensive leaking hose, Leak No More could be a good fit.

Besides the cost of the mandatory “double offer,” I am not sure that a universal hose gasket will have enough widespread appeal to make this product a success. With so many new hoses in the As Seen on TV genre lately, I think customers would rather buy an entire new hose rather than a set of gaskets. That, of course, will depend on each consumer’s unique situation.

Leak No More is a very new item, and appears to only be a test-marketed product. If anything changes regarding the name, price, design, or online offer, I’ll update this space.


A cursory search for no-leak hose connectors will yield you several results. This $12 90-degree valve should function about the same as Leak No More.

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