Review Lil’ Fishys Motorized Water Pets

Review Lil’ Fishys Motorized Water Pets
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Lil’ Fishys are motorized water pets which actively swim, dip, and dive in pools, tubs, or aquariums.

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About Lil’ Fishys

Lil’ Fishys are battery-operated water toys which can be used in an aquarium, bathtub, or swimming pool. They swim and perform a variety of tricks. There is a setting on the tail of Lil’ Fishys which allow you to adjust its type of activity by changing the angle of its tail.

The official website is fishystoys.com, which was registered in January 2013.

Claims and Features

  • Fishys include: Sunny, Dipper, and Lucky
  • Sharkys include: Chomps, Jawbones, and Hammie
  • Habitats include a Pirate Ship and aquariums
  • Requires two AAA batteries

The pirate ship is the latest offering in the Lil’ Fishys line, and has been advertised on television in recent weeks. It is a fish tank shaped like a pirate ship and includes a “zombie” shark.

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Online Reviews

Some users have complained that the ship is smaller than expected, and that the fishys don’t have much room to swim. Because the fishys are so active, it has been suggested that this tank is not large enough to accommodate them properly. A few YouTube users have also claimed that assembling the Pirate Ship would be easier with a better set of instructions.

Perhaps the primary complaint we’ve seen is that the battery life leaves something to be desired. The most common praise of the product is that children generally love it, and it helps get stubborn kids into the bathtub

How Much do Lil’ Fishys Cost?

You can buy individual Lil’ Fishys for about $10, while aquariums and habitats can range from $25 to $50. The Pirate Ship is about $50.

Lil Fishys are available in stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Toys R Us.

Similar Products

While Lil’ Fishys appear to be the big name in motorized water pets in 2014, similar water pets have been available for years. A search for wind up water toys will reveal a host of options. Some that we spotted were as cheap as $3 each. Although wind up toys are similar, the fact that Lil’ Fishys are battery powered seems to give them the edge when it comes to performing exciting tricks in the water.

Television Commercial

The commercial below for the Lil’ Fishys Pirate Ship has been running in late 2014.

Your Lil’ Fishys Reviews

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