Lizard Cam Review: 4-Foot Inspection Cam

Lizard Cam is a small HD camera secured to 4 feet of serpentine tubing that connects to any smartphone. Does it really work? Here is my Lizard Cam review.

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About Lizard Cam

Lizard Cam is a high-definition mini-camera attached to the end of 4 feet of flexible tubing. The footage can be watched in real-time on an included color screen, and can be used to view hard-to-reach places. The official product website is, which was registered in October 2017. The two screenshots below shows how the product website looked in December 2017 with a different looking model than the version in the August 2018 screenshot below that.

lizard cam review

December 2017

lizard cam review

August 2018

Claims & Features

  • HD micro camera with 4 feet of flexible tubing
  • View places that are difficult to reach (vents, behind appliances, drains, toilet, etc.)
  • Contains LEDs on the end
  • Waterproof
  • Included color monitor


Lizard Cam is $39.99 with free shipping. There is an optional double offer for a separate fee of $29.98 which also includes an Atomic Beam flashlight. Each unit comes with three attachments (mirror tip, magnet tip, and hook tip).

Lizard Cam Review

The advertising is compelling: A lighted camera on the end of a flexible snake that allows you to see in tight spaces and behind large objects. Lizard Cam is an As Seen on TV inspection cam that will allow you to do just that.

To use Lizard Cam, you power on the unit with the sole button below the color screen and fish the line wherever you want to look. LED lights on the tip of the camera will illuminate your path as you guide the snake into tight spaces or behind large objects such as a refrigerator. You can see all of the action as the camera on Lizard Cam transmits the video to the included screen. The screen quality isn’t particularly HD, although the LED lights are definitely bright enough to illuminate the path. The uses are practically endless, from working on cars to DIY repairs around the house. The included extras provide some additional usefulness, especially the hook which can help you retrieve items dropped down a drain or in other hard to reach areas.

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Overall, it’s a simple yet elegant design that I feel will live up to consumer expectations. I believe Lizard Cam has the potential to be a hot-selling As Seen on TV item in 2018.

Although I do believe that Lizard Cam generally works as advertised, there are a few caveats worth mentioning. First is that the 4-foot long flexible cable may be too flexible in some cases. For example, when I attempted to push the camera straight up inside of a wall, I found that it wasn’t rigid enough, but ended up falling over. The only way I could get the cable to stand straight in the air is if I hold it about the midway point. Obviously, if you are snaking it horizontally or downward (such as a drain) this is not a problem at all.

The other minor complaint I have is that I often found it difficult to get the camera to remain oriented so that the picture on my screen is correct. When I fished the unit under my refrigerator, I often had to use one had to hold the camera and the other hand to twist the cable so that I could properly view the display at the correct orientation. Again, neither of those caveats should dissuade you from considering this device, but they are the only two minor complaints I had. Otherwise, I think it generally works as advertised.

Watch my full review here:


You may be surprised to find quite a few Bluetooth inspection cams online, ranging in price from about $30-$40. This $37 model by Depstech is an Amazon Best Seller and holds a solid 4.4 star rating among over 800 customer reviews.

Your Lizard Cam Reviews

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Updated August 2018

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