Lock & Rollin’ Review: Attic Flooring Made Easy

Lock & Rollin’ Review: Attic Flooring Made Easy
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Lock & Rollin’ is a set of slats that can lock together to provide a stable attic floor.

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About Lock & Rollin’

Lock & Rollin’ is an easy alternative to setting down flooring in attic spaces to allow more storage room.

What They Claim

  • Easy 3-step installation
  • Strong and secure
  • Mold, mildew, water resistant, and termite-proof
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Recyclable materials
  • No measuring or cutting required

Lock & Rollin’ Cost

You can choose between two different package orders:

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“Best Deal” – 4-on-the-floor starter pack: $399.80; 64 sq ft, $50 in reward points and free shipping

2-pack – $249.90 plus $25.00 S&H, 32 sq ft


Lock & Rollin’ (also written as Lock and Rollin’ or Lock N Rollin’) is a clever invention which converts unused attic space into a usable area via panels which roll out to provide floor space over attic joists.

The product offers some distinct advantages over the traditional method of laying plywood in the attic. That method can be difficult to measure precisely enough to prevent plywood from moving or slipping when walking from section to section. With Lock & Rollin’, the pre-measured and easy to install design leads to a more stable floor space.

The cost of $250-$400 may be out of reach for some consumers, but for those who don’t mind the investment, we feel it will be a satisfying investment.

The product website is lockandrollin.com, which was registered in August 2013. The screen capture below shows the official website in September 2015.

Lock N Rollin'

Lock & Rollin’ is a relatively new product, with a Trademark filed in 2013 and updated in 2015.

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