MagicBax Review: Do They Work?

MagicBax Review: Do They Work?
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MagicBax are earring lifters that lift and support the position of earrings. Do they really work? Here is my MagicBax review.

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About MagicBax

MagicBax are backs to earrings that lift and support in the case of botched piercings, sagging earlobes, or heavy earrings. The official product website is, which was registered in September 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in November 2017.

magicbax 2 review

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Claims & Features

  • Ideal for poor quality piercings, stretched earlobes, or heavier earrings
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Easy to use (just slide Magicbax over the earring post)
  • Will not irritate skin (hypoallergenic)
  • Compatible with all earring posts
  • Manufactured from sterling silver and 18k gold plated sterling silver


Two pairs of MagicBax costs $19.99 + $4.99 P&H for a total of $24.98. There are three different pairings available: sterling silver, 18k gold plated, and a combination of sterling silver and 18k gold plated. At the time of this writing, MagicBax are not available in stores.

MagicBax Review

If you’ve struggled with droopy earrings, the makers of Magic Bax may have just the item for you. This is an As Seen on TV set of support earring backs that are said to lift and prevent droop.

The design of Magic Bax is simple: A large, flat base that slips onto any earring in order to provide additional support. This is achieved by the elongated base which rests against the back of the earlobe, preventing the earring from sagging or falling forward. Another benefit to Magic Bax is that by preventing the earring from drooping, it could also help prevent slow tearing of the piercing. Over time, this could lead to a torn earlobe.

The good news is that MagicBax will likely work for the majority of those who use it because this type of design has been around for awhile and has been proven to work. With sterling silver and gold plated options, the worry of a negative reaction should also be minimal.

The only negative I can find is that this is so new that it is likely a test marketed item, which means it could be slower to ship than a comparable item you’d find on Amazon. Please see my video below for more information about As Seen on TV test marketing.

If you’re concerned about slow shipping, you may want to investigate alternatives, such asĀ Lobe Wonder, which offers earring support patches that cost about $16, and sport a high consumer rating. Levears is perhaps even closer in design to MagicBax, although that item costs about $50.

Your MagicBax Reviews

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