Make Em Fit Review: Shoe Inserts for a Better Fit

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Make Em Fit is a shoe insert that can be placed into shoes to make them fit better. Does it actually work? Read our Make Em Fit review.

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About Make Em Fit

Make Em Fit are soft pieces of filling that can be placed inside footwear to make them fit more comfortably. The official product website is buymakeemfit.com, which was registered in December 2016. The screen shot below was taken of the product website in January 2017.

make em fit review

Claims & Features

  • Pliable filling that makes larger shoes fit comfortably
  • Available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Transferable to various shoes
  • Simple to clean


A three pack (small, medium, and large) of Make Em Fit costs $19.95. The website claims that shipping is free. You can find individual sizes on Amazon for about $15 per pair.

Make Em Fit Review

Make Em Fit is a shoe filler by Shoolex that fills the empty space in a shoe that is too large for your foot, allowing you to achieve a more comfortable fit. Made of soft memory foam, these inserts are washable and reusable. But do they actually work?

This is one of those products that is bound to have somewhat mixed reviews, only because there are nearly unlimited combinations of shoes and feet. Such an item is bound to please some, but not all.

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There are three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small is best for kids’ shoes and those that are under a half size too big. A medium Make Em Fit is designed for shoes that are a half size up to a full size too big, while the large is for use with shoes over one size too large (reps say, however, that it probably can’t help with shoes over two full sizes).

To use Make Em Fit, you simply place each of the foam inserts into the toe section of your shoes, then put your shoes on as you normally would. The foam should conform to your toes, and fill any gap which may exist. This will help reduce slippage and movement of the foot within the shoe.

Consumer feedback is easy to find with Make Em Fit, and there are two schools of thought regarding this product. For those who believe it works, you’ll hear that it is a quick solution to the problem of a shoe that’s too large, or for those who have feet that are not the same size. We found the foam to be comfortable to the foot, and the material to be made of a high quality.

Consumers who have not been pleased with Make Em Fit have said that it doesn’t solve their particular problem. A toe box that needs filling may be a great use, but it doesn’t always help with heel slippage for all types of shoes. There are cases where the insert may move around inside the shoe while you walk. The type of shoe seems to significantly impact consumer satisfaction with Make Em Fit.

Overall, Make Em Fit is a competent shoe insert that holds about a 3.5 star rating among consumers online. It is a type of product that rarely achieves high marks across the board, however, as the individualized nature of a perfectly-fitting shoe is a daunting task for any product to tackle.

As far as quality and construction, we feel that Make Em Fit is well made and comfortable. Most consumers who use it will be pleased with the result, but there is a minority who claims it doesn’t solve the intended problem.

We haven’t seen these in stores, but hopefully they do hit local shelves at some point so consumers can evaluate them first-hand. If you’ve seen them in stores, let us know so we can update our info here.


There are numerous shoe inserts which help provide a better fit. A current #1 Best Seller on Amazon is Pedag Heel Grips, which cost about $10 for five pair. This $6 Profoot Toe Pouch functions similarly to Make Em Fit and holds a similar customer rating.

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