Master Saw Review: Multi-Purpose Handsaw

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Master Saw is a multi-purpose saw that quickly cuts most materials. Does it work? Here is our Master Saw review.

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About Master Saw

Master Saw is a versatile handheld saw that can make cuts through a variety of materials at high speed. The official website is buymastersaw.com, with a registration date of January 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017.

master saw review

Claims & Features

  • Tough and pliable carbon steel blades
  • Cuts almost anything
  • Make cuts from any direction
  • Tungsten Carbide Roller Tip for cutting glass, stone, or tile
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable handle


Master Saw costs $19.99 + $8.99 shipping for a total of $28.98. There is an optional double offer for a second saw for a separate fee of $8.99 which would raise the total to $37.97. The saw comes with 5 saw blades and a bonus large saw blade. As of this writing, this offer is not available in stores.

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Master Saw Review

At first glance, Master Saw looks like every other hacksaw on the market. Indeed, it sports that age-old hacksaw design that you probably first saw in your dad’s garage when you were a kid. So what separates Master Saw from a $10 hacksaw at Lowe’s?

For one, it includes a design in which blades can be adjusted to almost any angle. That means you can saw sideways, for example, without having to change the angle at which you hold the saw. It also includes a tungsten carbide roller tip for delicate cutting jobs such as glass or tile. Finally, you receive five bonus blades and a large saw blade, which will help extend the usefulness and lifespan of Master Saw.

If you only need an occasional hacksaw, I’m not sure if the extra features with Master Saw justify the cost and shipping delays. If, however, the ability to cut at multiple angles is something you covet, this could be a good fit for you.

I wouldn’t expect the product to be of the highest quality, but the blades should be durable enough to hold up to most jobs. In short, if you like the way it looks in the advertising, and you have realistic expectations, you’ll probably like this product. If you’re on the fence, you may want to wait to see if this arrives in stores, or seek out a similar device locally.

For the number of blades and the adjustable feature, a price of $20 is actually quite competitive. The $9 shipping bumps it up to the high end of the range, and as of this writing you can’t find Master Saw in stores.


If the adjustable feature doesn’t appeal to you, an inexpensive hacksaw may be all you need. There are other so-called “360” hacksaws on the market, such as this model which adjusts in a different manner than Master Saw.

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