MicroTouch Solo Review: Trim and Shave With the Same Blade?

MicroTouch Solo Review: Trim and Shave With the Same Blade?
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MicroTouch Solo is a precision grooming tool for men that trims, shaves, and edges. Does it work as advertised? Here is our MicroTouch Solo review.

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About MicroTouch Solo

MicroTouch Solo is a smart razor that features dual sided stainless steel blades, a built-in light, and a pivoting head. The official website is microtouchsolo.com, with a registration date of January 2015. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017.

microtouch solo review

Claims & Features

  • Ideal for precise grooming
  • Safe to touch
  • Swiveling head contours to facial features
  • High quality dual sided stainless steel blades
  • Will not irritate skin


MicroTouch Solo costs $24.99 + $5.99 P&H for a total of $30.98. It comes with 3 different grooming attachments and a bonus cutting head. I found MicroTouch Solo at a local Walgreens in August 2017 for $24.99.

MicroTouch Solo Review

If the name “MicroTouch” sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen commercials in the past for grooming products such as MicroTouch Max and MicroTouch Tough Blade, with the latter being pitched by Brett Favre.

Now the brand is back with MicroTouch Solo, a hybrid electric trimmer and shaver that allows you to perform multiple shaving tasks all with the same blade. With Micro Touch Solo, you have a razor that visually resembles a standard cartridge razor, but also performs like an electric shaver or trimmer.

You can precisely trim edges, shave through hair, or trim facial hair with one of three included attachments. One of the benefits of MicroTouch Solo is that you don’t need to use it with shaving cream, and it doesn’t cause razor bumps because it doesn’t get as close to the skin as regular razors. In fact, the instructions state that it is not to be used with water or shaving cream.

The advertising doesn’t make it quite clear, but this type of razor won’t provide a baby-smooth close shave that some men desire. It will effectively cut through facial hair and deliver a very short and even stubble, but it won’t give you the close shave of a cartridge or safety razor. In my tests, I found that it was almost as close as a razor, and much closer than a standard beard trimmer. I think most men will find it acceptable.

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What is a bit quirky to me about this razor is that it states optimal performance is achieved by moving the razor against the grain, and I found that to be accurate. That does not apply to using an attachment for beard trimming, by the way.

For trimming the edges and facial hair itself, I think most men will find this to be an excellent hybrid razor. Even coarse hair should be no match for MicroTouch Solo. You can’t use it for the scalp or “downstairs” but you can use it for any other body hair.

As with the MicroTouch Max, there is a built-in light, which seems useful at times and not as useful at others, depending on the angle you’re holding the device. Most men shave in a well-lit bathroom, where light typically isn’t a problem.

What I haven’t seen is the cost of replacement blades. The similar Philips OneBlade (discussed below) sells replacements for about $11-$12, so I’m guessing the blades for this may be a couple of dollars cheaper. I’ll update this space when I get more info.

microtouch solo review

The dual-blade MicroTouch Solo.

microtouch solo review

Shaving against the grain is optimal and leaves very minor stubble.

microtouch solo review

Trimming edges is effective and easy.


It would be difficult to discuss MicroTouch Solo without mentioning the Philips Norelco OneBlade, which looks and performs similarly. That item can be found for about $35, and boasts a solid 4.2 star rating among over 1,700 reviews, as of this writing. You may want to compare these two items before making your final decision. Because the MicroTouch Solo is about $10 cheaper and performs comparably, this could be a compelling alternative to the Philips model.

Video Review

Below you can watch my full review of MicroTouch Solo, along with a comparison against the Philips Norelco OneBlade.

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Updated August 2017.