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Miracle Peeler Reviews: Does it Actually Work?

Miracle Peeler is an As Seen on TV product which claims to aid in the process of peeling with its design, strength, and sharp blades. Read reviews here.

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About Miracle Peeler

This is yet another As Seen on TV kitchen product pitched by ad-man Marc Gill. The TV ad features typical infomercial fare, including “amazing” examples of peeling and Julienne cuts. Miracle Peeler is marketed as a dual-blade peeler: one blade for peeling and one for Julienne cuts. It is marketed by Ontel Products, which has released a series of popular products in recent years, such as Slap Chop and Dream Lites.

The question to raise when purchasing an As Seen on TV slicer or peeler is whether or not the blades are actually high quality and can live up to the hype. It appears that in some cases these products do live up to the hype, while other times they do not. Time will tell if reviewers give Miracle Peeler accolades or harsh criticism.

Claims and Features

  • Two blades for peeling and Julienne cuts
  • Can be used in both directions
  • Non-slip rubberized grip
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher safe

Miracle Peeler vs Other Peelers

Miracle Peeler, in its design and in its marketing, is highly reminiscent of a product called Titan Peeler which was advertising in mid-2014. That product’s website does not appear to be currently active, but you can still find it online from retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond.

The OXO brand also makes popular peelers, and these can be found in stores for around $10 each.

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Miracle Peeler Cost and Availability

You can purchase Miracle Peeler online from the official website for $10 plus $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $16.99. It comes with a peeler, Mandolin attachment, safety guard, and reciepe guide. You can double the offer for another $6.99, bringing your total to $23.98.

The ordering process does allow you to choose if you want to opt in or out of this second item. Some As Seen on TV products do not.

As of this writing, it does not appear that Miracle Peeler is available in stores. As with most As Seen on TV products, however, it may only be a matter of months before you will be able to purchase them locally.

The official website is miraclepeeler.com, which was registered in May 2014.


Television Commercial

Here is the recent TV ad for Miracle Peeler featuring Marc Gill. It was posted to Ontel Products’ YouTube channel in late October 2014.

Your Miracle Peeler Reviews

If you’ve tried Miracle Peeler, drop us a comment below, and give it a star rating above.

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