Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Review: Does it Work?

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Review: Does it Work?
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Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is a pliable and durable garden hose made of seamless biaxial braid fabric. Here is my initial Pocket Hose Brass Bullet review.

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About Pocket Hose Brass Bullet

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is a compact garden hose that has an outer sleeve constructed of seamless biaxial braid fabric. The product website is brassbullethose.com, which was first registered in October 2016. The screen shot below shows how the product website looked in April 2017.

pocket hose brass bullet review

Claims & Features

  • Water lawns & gardens
  • Outer sleeve of durable & seamless biaxial braid fabric
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Will not kink or tangle
  • Sold brass leak-proof connector


Main Offers

  • 25 ft. – $19.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $27.89
  • 50 ft. – $29.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $37.98
  • 75 ft. – $39.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $47.98
  • 100 ft. – $49.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $57.98
  • Each Pocket Hose Brass Bullet comes with a Turbo Jet Nozzle.

Doubles Offers

  • (2) 25 ft. – $29.98 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $37.97
  • (2) 50 ft. – $44.98 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $52.97
  • (2) 75 ft. – $59.98 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $67.97
  • (2) 100 ft. – $74.98 + $7.99 shipping for a total of $82.97
  • Each Pocket Hose Brass Bullet comes with a Turbo Jet Nozzle.

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Review

As Seen on TV aficionados are quite familiar with the slew of retractable hoses that inundated the airwaves a few years ago. One of the first and most visible in this category was Pocket Hose. Now in 2017 we have the latest incarnation: Pocket Hose Brass Bullet.

If you purchased an As Seen on TV retractable hose a few years ago, you probably found yourself let down by the reality of the product versus the advertising. Consumers bought the first wave of these hoses in droves, only to find them bursting after a few uses.

The makers of Pocket Hose went back to the drawing board, not once, but several times with products such as Pocket Hose Ultra, Pocket Hose Dura Rib, Pocket Hose Dura Rib II, Pocket Hose Top Brass, and Pocket Hose Top Brass II. Each time a new Pocket Hose advertised, consumers were led to believe that this time they would get a hose that actually lived up to the advertising. And so far, it seems like consumers are still waiting.

There was, in fact, a class-action lawsuit against Telebrands in which the company was “alleged to have made false and misleading statements in connection with the marketing and sale of its ‘Pocket Hose’ line of expandable garden hoses.” That lawsuit was eventually settled.

With the history of the Pocket Hose so entrenched in consumer disdain and legal proceedings, it seems almost unfathomable that Telebrands would be so bold as to advertise yet another hose under the Pocket Hose name. But, alas, the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is in fact being advertised in Spring 2017.

The new version is said to have an upgraded inner liner and a 3/4 inch diameter, which will improve water flow and durability. The rest of the features seem to be carried over from previous Pocket Hose incarnations.

In my initial tests, Pocket Hose Brass Bullet performed quite well. It didn’t leak, the stream was strong, it didn’t kink, and it retracted perfectly. Of course I’m all too aware that the past Pocket Hoses have all performed well initially before bursting at the seams, so I’m keeping my enthusiasm at bay until I can see how this lasts over time.

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Perhaps Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is Telebrands’ last attempt to right a ship that went awry long ago. Or maybe the company has actually developed a retractable hose that actually works. Or maybe they are just too savvy with their marketing to care about past failures.

In any event, it seems that Pocket Hose Brass Bullet arrived late to a party that has already ended. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the metal garden hose, and all of the major players are already on that bandwagon. I’m not sure consumers are willing to gamble again on yet another Pocket Hose, when the new breed of metal garden hoses are getting good reviews. For more, see my blog post, 2017 “As Seen on TV” Hose Roundup.

Update: After a viewer on my YouTube channel suggested leaving it out in the sun in the heat, I decided to give Pocket Hose Brass Bullet another challenge. I placed it outside in the direct sunlight when it was about 108 degrees, and went inside. One hour later, I went out to check on it, and the hose had burst, with water spewing out of the opening. You can see that challenge in the embedded video below. I’ve also posted a screen shot of that video at the bottom of the following series of photos.

pocket hose brass bullet review

When I ran over Brass Bullet, the stream faded to a trickle.

pocket hose brass bullet review

The Brass Bullet connectors.

pocket hose brass bullet review

I found the Brass Bullet didn’t kink, as advertised.

pocket hose brass bullet review

The Brass Bullet stream.

pocket hose brass bullet review

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet didn’t last an hour in the Vegas heat and sun.


You can choose from numerous retractable garden hoses in stores and online. This model by Golden Spearhead has a higher rating than any of the As Seen on TV versions that I saw. As I mentioned earlier, you may want to look into the new breed of metal garden hoses, which in my opinion far outperform retractable hoses. You can see my reviews of Brass Bullet and Metal Garden Hose below.

Television Commercial

Your Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Reviews

What do you think of Pocket Hose Brass Bullet? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

  • DeplorableTollthis

    This is a paid bogus review. I had 3 of these bust in one month. You can’t put a nozzle on this garbage and take it off. It got holes in just dragging it accross the yard. Another Garbage product by a garbage company. They should call it the “Garbage Can Hose” as that is where it ends up in less than a week.

    • I’m pretty sure a paid review would not mention the class-action lawsuit against Telebrands. There are far more critical remarks about the Pocket Hose brand than positive here. In fact, I expect it to stop working at some point, just as all of the other Pocket Hoses have done in the past. That said, I haven’t experienced said breakage yet, so I can’t report something that hasn’t happened to me.

      • Robert

        I will buy from Bath and Beyond, they had great return policy as long you keep the receipt.

  • OUsooner08

    I’ve yet to have an issue and I’ve owned a pocket house for two years.

    • Billj357

      from tiny houses to pocket house…..lol

      • fiddlemuse

        LOL… now that’s funny. And I think someone needs to lighten up and laugh along with the um, tiny joke. 😉

    • Bare Chested

      Glad to hear your pocket house has been trouble free for two years. Do you have a pocket hose?

      • OUsooner08

        Yes I have 2 pocket hoses, which is OBVIOUSLY what I meant, not house.

        • Bare Chested

          Obvious to you, perhaps, but it is not what you wrote.

          • Todd Beaulieu

            bainless or supid… don’t get upset it’s not what I wrote

  • Bill Hanks Sr.

    I’ve had 3 of these pocket hoses and the last one (black 100′) lasted longer than any of the green or blue ones and after 3months it finally burst like the rest..I think that I’ll go back to the original old garden hoses.Too bad that they don’t make a splice for these things..

  • Jim Helinger Jr

    I just tried to order a Brass Bullet Pocket hose online. I tried two different credit cards and it said they were unable to verify my information. I have never had that problem before.
    Then I made the mistake of calling to place a phone order.HUGE MISTAKE!!! It was totally automated and I had to sit through them going through the same messages over and over again trying to sell me extra products. I was captive for probably 20 minutes. At one point I had to press 1 or 2 to accept or reject their generous offer to double the order I had already doubled! Since I didn’t need 4 hoses I pressed 2 to decline and then the prompt thanked me for accepting! DO NOT SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR SHAMEFUL TACTICS!!! I would’t do business with these people if they were giving away gold bars and offering to double my my order I certainly hope the product is great because I’m sure trying to return it would be far worse.

  • dan

    i wouldn’t give you a plug nickle for anouther one of those hoses, not as advertised at all!

  • twelch57

    No good, no matter the color, bought 4 of them in the past neither lasted 4 months they all bursting either from the sides or comes apart from the nozzle. I only used to wash down my porch and water my plants….

  • Carl Penney

    jake I have tried all of the pocket hoses from day one and none has survived long enough to put it away for winter .some 2 days some a week even got stupisd after taking all the busted ones back to where I bought them (thanks to me for saving sale slips) and getting my money back I bought the stainless one that looks like electric cable brought it home feeling this might be the one to last.ha never got it screwed to the hose faucet it leaked in the nut and I put an extra washer in it to see if that would help. not a chance I think it leaked worse so back to the store.no more pocket hoses for me I/ll take my chances with the regular water especially the rubber ones had 3 of those for 2 years still going strong no leaks

  • Tony Talarico

    This hose is fake, watch the tv ad when the 2 trucks pull each other. The truck going left has some sort of device holding the tire just enough out of the sand to make it look like its pulling hard and slipping. This is false advertising I need to sue

  • John Best

    I have tried all but the Bullet Hose and my last new hose popped as I was pulling it across my front sidewalk. I bought a new one for a friend and it lasted for a few weeks. This is a nice concept but a long way from acceptable.

  • Jim Brown

    I purchased two different brands and neither would expand, so also wouldn’t contract as wouldn’t expand. Returned to HOME DEPOT and the clerk told us that she personally had accepted return of over “a dozen”.

  • Della Burrus

    My husband had to try it and only lasted a week. It will be a good soaker hose for next years garden

  • Gina Anne Caccioppo

    I love idea of this product!!! I hate this product because it can’t make it through ONE SEASON and it blows! The first one lasted 6 weeks. this one made to to 8 weeks. Used once a day or less and kept in the shade. I am so mad right now I could spit!!! Thankfully Bed Bath & Beyond has a great return policy!!! So, I have to go back to a heavy gauge hose and lug it around my yard to water my flowers. God I am PO’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jareed7

    We had our pocket hose nearly a year before we got to try it out due to being between properties. When we finally tried it out, it lasted less than two weeks — burst in several places. I contacted Pocket Hose and they were kind enough to replace the hose even though I couldn’t find the original warranty card. But, guess what! The new one didn’t last even a week; it pulled apart at the connection between the hose and the nozzle. By the way, the replacement came with NO warranty promise. Won’t be fooled a third time.