Pocket Trollz Reviews: Is it a Good Luck Charm?

Pocket Trollz Reviews: Is it a Good Luck Charm?
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Pocket Trolls is an As Seen on TV product for kids which features squeezable trolls that make a “magic chime.”

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About Pocket Trolls

Pocket Trollz are troll dolls which make a sound when squeezed. They somewhat resemble the popular troll dolls which became popular in the 1960’s. Pocket Trollz are marketed by Telebrands Corp., which has marketed many popular As Seen on TV products in recent years.  It isn’t clear if Pocket Trollz have any legal or official connection to the popular troll dolls, which were recently purchased by DreamWorks Animation in anticipation of an upcoming movie featuring the dolls.

The official product website is pockettrollz.com, which was registered in June 2014.

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The website currently offers 28 different Pocket Trollz, featuring different such professions as police officer and nurse, and special holiday variants including such iconic figures as the Easter Bunny and Santa.

The product is also marketed as a collectible, with the phrase “collect them all” noted in the advertising.

Due to the small number of airings for the product, it is likely that Pocket Trollz are currently being test marketed.

Claims and Features: Good Luck Charm?

The television commercial promotes the product as a sort of lucky charm, showing kids (and adults) making wishes and squeezing the toy’s stomach. There is a boy dressed in a baseball uniform, holding a Pocket Trollz with his eyes closed, who says out loud, “I wish we win the big game.” It also shows a chef who states that his dishes “always come out better with this guy around,” and a girl receiving a school paper with an A+ on it.

The commercial also states, “For practically anything you want to do, there’s a special Pocket Trollz that’s right for you.”

How Much Do Pocket Trollz Cost?

Pocket Trollz cost $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total of $14.98. You can also order additional Pocket Trollz for $9.99 with free shipping. The website claims that most orders are shipped “within 1 week” although it can take up to six weeks. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping.

It isn’t clear if or when they will be available in stores.

Television Commercial

The TV ad below has been running on daytime kids’ shows in mid-2014.

Your Pocket Trollz Reviews

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