Poketti Reviews: Plush Toys Designed by Kids

Poketti Reviews: Plush Toys Designed by Kids
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Poketti Plushies is a line of plush toys with a pocket. Read our Poketti reviews along with additional product information.

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About Poketti

Poketti is advertised as “plushies with pockets” and its name is derived from the Japanese word “poketto” which means pocket. It also somewhat resembles another Japanese brand which drew from the word “poketto” which is Pokemon.

The name is about where the similarities to Pokemon end, however. Poketti are plush toys with pockets. The¬†heartwarming story about the product’s creation by a girl named Sydney is almost enough to make you want to open your wallet and order one, even if you don’t have kids. Inspired by a middle school entrepreneurial project, Sydney raised $20,000 on Kickstarter and actually managed to make Poketti a legit product. All of the initial stories state that it was designed by Sydney, but it appears that her sister Toni is also involved with the product.

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Poketti Claims and Features

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket – to which they are often referred – come in four designs: Baxter the Puppy, Roxi the Kitty, Sydney the Penguin, and Toni the Bunny.

How Much Does Poketti Cost?

Each individual Poketti costs about $15.99. The website also offers a collection of four for $60 and a notebook for $5.

We did not see Poketti available in stores, nor does it appear to be headed that way, as typically seen with big As Seen on TV products. There appeared to be some speculation that the product would be sold at Walmart as part of a “Get on the Shelf” contest, but current information on that contest is scant and there is no mention of it on the official website.

Products Similar to Poketti

Poketti Plushies are of course not the only pocketed plush toys on the market. Recent entries in the As Seen on TV marketplace include Tummy Stuffers and Stuffies. Both of these are mass marketed and are similar in construction. Poketti has a completely different design and look than those.

The official website is poketti.com, which was registered in March 2013. You can see a screenshot of the official website in the graphic below.


Television Commercial

Below is the “official” Poketti television commercial which has been running in recent weeks.

Your Poketti Reviews

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