Power Knee Review: Knee Brace With Extra Lift

Power Knee is a knee sleeve with a spring which allows you to stand more easily. Read our Power Knee review.

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About Power Knee

Power Knee adds a spring to a traditional knee brace, which supposedly assists in standing while also supporting the knee. The official product website is buypowerknee.com, which was registered in July 2016. Below is a screen capture showing the official website as it appeared in February 2017, and how the website looked back in August 2016. Note the differences in design and price.

power knee review

Screen shot from February 2017.

power knee review

Screen shot from August 2016.

Claims & Features

  • Improved support and increased mobility
  • “Power Lift” technology stores energy while bending, releases when straightening
  • Form-fitting design
  • Five sizes
  • Available in black or nude
  • Made of Neoprene


Note: In the original August 2016 writeup, Power Knee was offered at a cost of $29.95 with free shipping for one knee sleeve. That has since changed.

The new price is $19.99 with free shipping.

As of this writing, Power Knee isn’t yet available in stores.

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Power Knee Review

Power Knee at first glance resembles a standard knee brace. Under the hood, however, you’ll find a spring-like device using “Power Lift Technology” that gives you a slight boost when you stand.

Note that Power Knee has been re-branding from an earlier product called “Power Knees” which advertised in early 2016. At that time, the “Power Lift Technology” was referred to as a “Power Suspension Rod.” You can compare the original and the new version in the commercials embedded below. The product was against re-designed by 2017. Originally the sleeve was said to be “one size fits most” but now there is an option to get sizes from small to XXL. The appearance has also changed in that the opening at the patella is now gone.

The suspension rods slide into a slot on either side of the sleeve, and will store energy as you squat, then release the energy to push upward as you stand.

This is not the first such device on the market, as we have seen a similar product called Copper Fit Strength and Tone which had a virtually identical design. That product is no longer available.

Oddly, although these products use the same mechanism, the Copper Fit product primarily advertised the rod’s resistance, while Power Knee commercial highlights the assistance given when you stand.

It is best to use this brace over a layer of clothing in order to reduce the risk of chaffing. If you are sensitive to rubber, Power Knee could irritate your skin.

We aren’t told how much energy is stored on the Power Knee website, but the Copper Fit website stated that it provided 5 pounds of resistance. If we are to assume that the resistance bands in Power Knee are at least similar, then we should not expect more than about 5 pounds of assistance when using this brace. It will probably only provide a minimal amount of noticeable assistance, although a small amount could be beneficial to some people.

Overall, we think Power Knee will be well-received, especially by those consumers who have realistic expectations. When it arrives in stores, it will be a better deal without shipping costs and delays.


There are other knee braces which offer similar spring stabilizers for support. A popular example is the $16 Neenca knee brace which features twin coil stabilizers. That item has a 4.4 star rating from over 1500 customers as of this writing.

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Your Power Knee Reviews

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Updated February 2017 to reflect design and price changes.