Product Review: Cami Shaper

Product Review: Cami Shaper
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Cami Shaper is a product which forms your shape to minimize back fat and other problem areas.

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Cami Shaper

Cami Shaper heavily advertised back in 2013, and as 2015 comes to a close, the product can still be found on internet advertisements.

We picked up a Cami Shaper at a local Rite Aid here in Las Vegas back in 2013 for evaluation. At the time it was advertised with its own website (camishaper.com) which has since been consolidated with the main Genie website atgeniebra.com.

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Although the product was once advertised with a buy-one-get-two free offer, it is now simply for sale on their website and in stores for about $20. There were originally only three colors available: black, nude, and white, but that has now expanded to 16 colors.

Here’s a video from their website:

In our tests of the product, we found there were several design issues which may not make this an idea fit for every consumer. Our testers reported that it constantly kept riding up and the padding that came with the bra sat unnaturally, making it very uncomfortable to wear.  Perhaps the best feature of Cami Shaper is the comfortable fabric: 96% nylon and 4% spandex.

Amazon readers give the product about a 2.5 star rating, with most of the negative reviews citing the same issues we experienced.

Because this product has been widely available in stores for about two years, we recommend purchasing locally if you want to try it. This will eliminate shipping delays and charges. It will also give you a chance to see it in person before making a final decision.

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First published: August 2013
Modified: December 15, 2015