Project Mc2 Dolls Review

Project Mc2 Dolls Review
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Project Mc2 dolls are companion toys to the Netflix live-action spy series by the same name.

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About Project Mc2 Dolls

Project Mc2 is a spy series for “tweens” on Netflix, and these dolls are an extension of that series. Each doll¬†comes with its own experiment.

The product website is projectmc2.com, which was registered in June 2013.

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What They Claim

  • McKeyla McAlsister makes a lava light
  • Adrienne Attoms makes a volcano eruption
  • Bryden Bandweth makes a glow stick necklace
  • Camryn Coyle makes a blueprint and skateboard

Project Mc2 Cost

You can find Project Mc2 dolls at Target and Toys R Us. The standalone doll runs about $15, while the dolls + experiment costs about $25.


Project Mc2 dolls are made by MGA Entertainment, the same company which produces Bratz dolls. With this line, however, kids are offered the ability to engage in an experiment that is unique to each doll.

Another feature of Project Mc2 dolls is that they don’t feature the unrealistic Barbie-doll measurements.

The dolls are an extension of the Netflix series by the same name which was unveiled in August 2015, as well as an upcoming smartphone app.

Some of the experiments may tend to be a bit messy, but that can be part of the fun of crafts. Kudos to the manufacturers for combining dolls and crafts into a fun and clever product.

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