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Red Copper Pan Review: 21-Day Test + 4 Month Update

James White Apr 25

Red Copper Pan is a frying pan that is infused with copper and includes a non-stick ceramic coating. Here are the results of my 21-day Red Copper Pan review.

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About Red Copper Pan

Red Copper Pan is a piece of copper infused cookware that is coated in non-stick and scratch resistant ceramic. The official website is redcopperpan.com, with a registration date of January 2016. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in April 2017.

red copper pan review

Claims & Features

  • Rapidly fries food
  • Non-stick ceramic coating infused with copper
  • Withstands heat up to 500 degrees
  • Free of PTFE & PFOA
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Available in 10″ or 12″ sizes


There are several options to buy Red Copper Pan which are listed below:

  • Standard single pan offer: One 10″ pan and a recipe book costs $19.99 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $29.98
  • Standard special offer: Two 10″ pans, a recipe book, and an 8″ Forever Sharp Knife costs $32.98 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $42.97
  • There are also standard options to add a 12″ Red Copper Fry Pan or a Red Copper Square Pan for additional fees.
  • Deluxe single pan offer: One 10″ pan with double coated scratch resistant coating and recipe book costs $29.99 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $39.98
  • Deluxe special offer: Two 10″ pans with double coated scratch resistant coating, a recipe book, and an 8″ Forever Sharp Knife costs $52.98 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $62.97
  • As with the standard offers, there are options to add a 12″ Red Copper Fry Pan or a Red Copper Square Pan for additional fees.
  • Pan bundle standard coating: Includes Red Copper Square Pan, tempered glass lid, recipe book, steamer rack, square frying basket, 10″ pan, and 12″ pan for $119.99. Shipping is free on this offer.
  • Pan bundle double coating: Includes Red Copper Square Pan, tempered glass lid, recipe book, steamer rack, square frying basket, 10″ pan, and 12″ pan (no double coating available on this pan) for $149.99. Shipping is free on this offer.

You can find Red Copper Pan in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20 for the 10″ size or $30 for the 12″ size.

Red Copper Pan is also available on Amazon, found here.

Red Copper Pan Review

Red Copper is one of the leading brands that has jumped on the copper cookware bandwagon in recent years. This particular item, Red Copper Pan, is pitched by Cathy Mitchell, and has been a mainstay in television advertising for over a year.

The television advertisements highlight the 10-inch pan, because that gives them a reason to pitch the lower cost. I chose to pick up the more expensive 12-inch pan because I thought it would provide me more flexibility in my tests. It cost me about $30 at Bed Bath and Beyond, although I used a 20% coupon to bring the cost down to about $24.

Even before I opened the packaging, I knew that Red Copper Pan would perform well right out of the box. That’s because all of these new copper non-stick pans perform well at first. The key, however, is to get it to work over time, and that was my goal with this three-week test.

To get the most out of Red Copper Pan, you have to completely toss aside some of the advertising claims which have been repeatedly debunked by reviewers on YouTube. Such things include scratching the surface with a fork, using a metal mixer in the pan, or running over it with a car. If you use a fork or mixer against the pan, you’ll almost certainly scratch the surface.

In fact, it has been my experience that you really need to baby this new generation of nonstick pans to make them last. For those accustomed to using a seasoned cast iron skillet, this probably seems like far too much effort. There are those, however, who do like this new breed of cookware, so my review is also an attempt to help you get the most out of your copper cookware, be it Red Copper, Gotham, Copper Chef, or others.

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So my 21 day test began with the classic demonstration: eggs. I’ve seen reviewers out there who toss a couple of eggs in the Red Copper Pan, crank up the heat, burn the egg, and proclaim the pan to be a failure. There are also those who put in an egg, cook it properly, and say that it is a success. In both cases, we have flawed reviews. The first example uses high heat, which is a no-no in this type of pan because high heat can degrade the nonstick surface quickly. You also shouldn’t cook eggs on high heat. The second example only used it once, which is not very demonstrative of how well it will hold up over time.

Over the next three weeks, I cooked a pretty wide variety of food items in Red Copper Pan, but I cooked eggs more than anything else. Lots of eggs. When my three weeks were up, I found Red Copper Pan still performed about as well as it did on Day 1. The question then becomes why I had luck with the pan when others haven’t?

I think the key here is, as I said earlier, babying the pan. Here is what I mean by that:

  • Only cook on a low flame, never above 5.
  • Season the pan as instructed.
  • Use oil whenever possible.
  • Always let the pan and oil heat up before use.
  • Let the pan cool slightly before washing, but not completely cool.
  • Only use warm water, dish soap, and a paper towel to gently wipe the pan while cleaning. Never scrub it.
  • Don’t stack other pans on top of it.
  • Never use metal utensils

Yes, that does sound like a pretty extensive list, and owners of other nonstick cookware may balk at such a list. There are those, however, who do like this type of cookware and don’t mind taking extra steps to make it last.

Overall, if you can completely ignore some of the advertising demonstrations and understand that you need to take extra care with Red Copper Pan, you may actually love it. If it sounds like too much work, or you’re used to a durable seasoned cast iron skillet, it may not be a good fit for you.

Be sure to check out my video below showing my three week test, and after that you can see how it has held up after four months, which has been pretty good.

red copper pan review

Eggs slide out easily at first. What about over time?

red copper pan review

I gently clean Red Copper Pan with a paper towel, dish soap, and warm water.

red copper pan review

You are supposed to season the pan before use.


There are two competing As Seen on TV copper cookware brands, both of which have similar surfaces. Those are Copper Chef and Gotham Steel. You may want to peruse user comments on those, keeping in mind some of the caveats I discuss above.

Video Reviews

Below is my full three week test Red Copper Pan, and my 4-month follow-up.

Television Commercial

Your Red Copper Pan Reviews

What are your thoughts about Red Copper Pan? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

Updated August 2017.

James White

James White is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been reviewing strange gadgets since 2011. He also runs the successful "Freakin' Reviews" YouTube channel.

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