Review: Hot Huez

Review: Hot Huez
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I love going out to concerts and I’m always looking for something to “spice” up my look when I dress up. In my search, I ran across Hot Huez, a temporary hair dye made from chalk which claims to be easy to wash out in the shower. Eager to try it, I bought the product after seeing it advertised on TV one night.

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I bought the product online through their website (hothuez.com), but you can also buy it in stores such as Walgreens or Walmart. It costs $14.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling, bringing it to a total of $22.90. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. It includes six pony bands and a carrying case.

You can find it for less in stores.

After receiving the product, I followed the directions by pinching a small section of my hair and applying the color to my hair. Unfortunately, the color did not show up very well on the sections parts of my hair, and only stood out on the highlighted areas. I expected it to show up better than it did. It was also not easy to use, and got all over my bathroom as I applied it. The sponge from the color applicator also kept falling out! There was, however, some color in my hair, so I was mildly satisfied. To my displeasure, I noticed color on my furniture after sitting down for a only few minutes.

I attempted to wash the color out of my hair, and even after drying it I could still see some of the color remaining.┬áThe bottom line is that this product works to some extent, but it isn’t worth the mess that comes with it! Please be wary of this product ruining your clothes or furniture, and possibly temporarily staining your skin.