Is Lifestyle Lift Any Good?

Is Lifestyle Lift Any Good?
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My mother is getting older now and is always talking about ways to reverse her aging and to appear younger for her own self-esteem. She recently ran across an ad for a face-lift procedure that can supposedly be done without going under anesthesia. This is good because many people are uncomfortable doing so. So today I’m taking a closer look at Lifestyle Lift.

My mother saw a commercial for Lifestyle Lift, which is essentially a face-lift without general anesthesia or significant downtime. Doctors refer to it as a “mini-lift,” but as it turns out there are incisions. The insinuations are that it’s a special procedure, but a plastic surgeon I talked to said the only thing unique about it is the name.

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Patients can expect to spend anywhere from $5000 to $7000 to have this done. It is a procedure which concentrates on the lower face and neck. Be very careful and investigate your doctor thoroughly before you have this procedure done as this is this is the same advice I would be giving my mother.

You may find this news segment from CBS regarding the LifeStyle Lift of interest:

When I visited the website LifestyleLift.com, it immediately showed me a list of doctors in my area, apparently through some sort of geo-targeting. Surprisingly, not all of the doctors shown were plastic surgeons.

From what I’ve learned, this procedure has mixed reviews. While some people are very happy about the procedure, others say they were scarred from the incisions. Results seem to depend largely on the doctor and the post-op care. Some say their face was left unfortunately asymmetrical, while others have stated they had “amazing results” and they made “the best decision at the best time.”

Please take some time to go to the website surgery.org and a similar website plasticsurgery.org as this should help make your decision should you have any doubts about getting the LifeStyle Lift procedure done; you don’t want to have any regrets.

If any of our Freakin’ Review readers has had this procedure done, feel free to tell us how the procedure went!