Rodent Sheriff Review: Does it Keep out Pests?

Rodent Sheriff Review: Does it Keep out Pests?
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Rodent Sheriff is advertised as a natural way to repel pests. Read our Rodent Sheriff review.

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About Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff is a spray product which supposedly creates a barrier to keep pests out of your home. The product website is rodentsheriff.com, which was registered in February 2015. The screen capture below shows the official website in February 2016.

rodent sheriff review

What They Claim

  • Repels pests with peppermint formula
  • Can be used where children and pets play
  • Creates a barrier to keep out rodents
  • Time released

Rodent Sheriff Cost

One bottle of Rodent Sheriff costs $10 + $7.95 shipping. You can add a second bottle for another $1.95. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, but P&H is not refundable. You can now find Rodent Sheriff in stores for about $10.

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Rodent Sheriff is a spray which contains a peppermint oil solution that is said to be a natural way to keep rodents out of your home. The solution is said to be safe around children and pets, but repulsive enough to rodents to keep them out of your house. Mice, roaches, raccoons, and other pests are said to run away from the smell. Each 8 ounce bottle of Rodent Sheriff contains about 1,000 sprays.

The idea of repelling rodents with peppermint oil is not unique to Rodent Sheriff. It has been a natural home solution for many years. Even pest control giant Orkin has a page about using peppermint as a rat deterrent. One problem with this solution is that the amount required to be an effective repellent is typically repugnant to the people inside the home. “Once the odor becomes acceptable to the person, it no longer repels the rodents,” they write.

We reached out to the makers of Rodent Sheriff to confirm the ingredents. Their reply stated: “Rodent Sheriff contains 2.7% Peppermint Oil, 0.1% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and 97.2% Inert Ingredients (Water, and Propylene Carbonate Sodium Benzoate).”

If you are one who believes that peppermint is an effective way to repel pests, Rodent Sheriff will certainly fit the bill. Its cost is not out of line with the competition, although ordering from a new As Seen on TV product sometimes comes with an extended wait of several weeks. Now that it is available in stores, you might want to look for it locally to avoid shipping costs and delays.

There are also a number of peppermint oil sprays which can be found on Amazon, many with reviews with 4+ ratings. You may want to peruse those before making your final decision.

Your Rodent Sheriff Reviews

Have you used Rodent Sheriff? Give us your review by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

  • Katie Lyn

    Helped me with a huge Racoon problem around my trash bins!

    • Sandie Lester Murray

      How did you use it and how much? Raccoons are our problem also. Thanks

      • Katie Lyn

        Spray inside bag before close, then outside of bags once in trash bin. Then just to make sure i spray the outside lip of bin and a little around the bin on the pavement. so far so good!

        • Japes

          How often do you reapply? Does rain wash it away?

      • I repelled raccoons from my apartment building, at the recommendation of a farmer friend, by peeing on the spots on my back stairs where they were leaving their scat (apparently that’s a territorial marking).
        I don’t know if it would work beyond that space and think the smell might be as bad or worse.

        • Somebody Else

          Wow, if raccoons are using your apartment building as a latrine it is a human health hazard. Call your local county health department. Or it could be stray cats.

          • I know. Already did that and much more but because of there being parks on 4 sides of my S.F. neighborhood raccoons are pretty inescapable.
            I called the Health Dept. and Animal Control but they offered only verbal support.
            I tried numerous things including animal repellants before resorting to urinating.
            Even managed to trap one and took it several miles away but there are dozens that live nearby and it was futile.
            I cleaned the area wearing a mask and gloves, and rinsed it with a 10% bleach solution before urinating on it.
            The end result was that though they are still around they no longer visit my building’s back stairs.

          • Somebody Else

            Raccoons are not all that bad a problem, but their latrines are the problems. So if you don’t have latrine action nearby its no worry. Little kids near a latrine would be bad.

  • opinionated_too

    I grow my own mint and make my own spray with a blender and some water. I spray inside first and a week later, I spray around the outside. No additives, just strong mint tea.

  • May Joy

    I purchased this product the smell is so strong I cannot use it indoors, sprayed outside to keep squirrels out of my flowers. Will not be ordering again. Waste of Money. The smell is horrid, If I was a pest I would Run from the smell too.

  • edrocky NY

    This thing really works???

  • andrei fenesan

    a really expensive incident myself with these creatures, and the worse
    part was that I fixed my car without knowing what caused the damage,
    leading to a next trip to mechanic with the same problem.

    story short, one morning I found that all antifreeze leaked from my
    car. First I thought it was a common mechanical problem. Naturally, I
    made an appointment to a local service and had a water pipe from car
    thermostat replaced. Repair cost was a little under $200, manageable I
    might say. Until you have to go again to same mechanic in less than a
    week, with same problem.

    The guy was cool, he
    recognized me and offered a slight discount and a gold information. I
    never thought that a rat (or more) did all the damage, but the mechanic
    assured me it was so. He also took two pieces of wool, size about a
    small orange, and sprayed a mint scented substance on them then placed
    the wool balls under the hood; one under my antifreeze container, and
    the other one under the brake fluid container (I think). He said this
    was the best rat repellent he found over the years, and rats gnawing car
    cables is a common problem. Unfortunately the label from the spray was
    terribly dirty and indistinguishable. The mechanic was pretty unsure
    about the name, but he offered to look for it at home and send me a link
    via facebook (yeah, I got a good mechanic friends on facebook).

    the evening I got the link from my new friend, and decided to order the
    spray. Since I already paid a little over $350 in total for both
    repairs, I decided that another $10 for two spray cans of this rat
    repellent would be a great investment. Guys, preventing is much cheaper
    than repairing, and I never had a problem again after using this spray.

    Here is the link mechanic sent me:


  • Tammy Herrin Kemmere

    Unfortunately I was hoping to be able to give good reviews on this but I have used a whole bottle and has done nothing for me and I can’t seem to find out how to get my money back

  • Tammy Herrin Kemmere

    This is not a bad product what so ever it has a nice smell and it’s not harmful to your pets unfortunately it did not work for what I needed the I would like to get my money back if possible but I don’t know what to do to get it back can someone please let me know how to do so

    • Sherell Lewis


  • Annell L Grant

    Waste of money!
    This product has chemicals in it that cause my husband and i respiratory difficulty! And doesnt work for the aggressive field mice we are battling. My own mixture of spearmint oil lemon extract and peppermint oil is much more pleasant and works 24 hrs.

  • Aaron HigginsMathews Lewis

    Garbage, it bought more mice then anything, hated it

  • Aaron HigginsMathews Lewis