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Smart Swab Review: Ear Wax Removal Device

Smart Swab is an innovative ear wax removal device that is designed for maximum safety and comfort. Read our Smart Swab review here.

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About Smart Swab

Smart Swab cleans your ears safely without pain, damage, or discomfort. The official product website is smartswab.com, which was registered in July 2008. The screen shot below shows the official website in April 2016.

Smart Swab

Claims and Features

  • Extracts without damaging your ear
  • Soft, spiraled, and grooved end
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Disposable and replaceable tips
  • Doesn’t push wax deeper into your ears

Smart Swab Cost

Single Offer: $19.99 + Free S&H. The Double Offer is $19.99 + an additional $6.99 fee + Free S&H.

You can now find Smart Swab in stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section.

Smart Swab Review

The opening moments for the commercial for Smart Swab (below) reminds us of the highly mocked spot for WaxVac a few years ago. Both that product and this one begin their advertising with somewhat exaggerated and exasperated examples of consumers fumbling to clean their ears. Enter Smart Swab, an ear wax remover that is said to be superior at cleaning ears over traditional methods. Ironically, Smart Swab takes a stab at WaxVac, asking, “Do you really think you can vacuum out ear wax?”

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Smart Swab is a rubber spiral tip that is designed to go into the ear, but not far enough to cause any harm. Once you place the tip in your ear, you give the handle a twist, which will “latch on” to any wax, and pull it out.

As far as effectiveness goes, Smart Swab seems to work about as expected, with a soft tip that doesn’t go too far into the ear. Be careful using it on a child, as their ear canals may not be as deep as found in an adult.

If you take advantage of the current double offer, you’ll pay about $27 for a total of 40 tips and 4 handles. That equates to about $0.68 each. Obviously the product is designed to be disposable, although we imagine at least some users will rinse and re-use the tips in order to save money. There are non-disposable picks with a scooped tip that you can find for under $10.

There are a number of ear cleaners to be found online and in stores. Some look rather gruesome and unsafe, while others seem to err on the side of caution. You may want to browse some of the other offerings out there. For the particularly thrifty shopper, you may want to hit a well-stocked dollar store, as there have been ear cleaners available in these types of stores in recent years.

Overall, not a bad product, although there are less expensive options worth exploring.

Television Commercial

Your Smart Swab Reviews

If you have used Smart Swab please give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

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Renee Furr-Popp
Renee Furr-Popp
4 years ago

Don’t insert it too far or you’ll be screwed!

3 years ago

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD YOU CAN’T EVEN TRACK YOUR PACKAGE THEY CHARGE AND THEN YOU’RE DEAD TO THEM AS FAR AS THEY ARE CONCERNED the URL they give you to track your package is USELESS nothing I put into the info pages give me any info just not able to find in system message!!!!! Great product but ZERO POINTS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

3 years ago
Reply to  PJ

Did you get a confirmation email after you made the purchase on http://www.smartswab.com? I did not get an email or anything to confirm if I purchased successfully.

3 years ago
Reply to  PJ

Why would you order online,my son bought them at Walmart.

Cindy Lane
Cindy Lane
2 months ago

Do not order from these people you can find them cheaper at Walmart Walgreens and many other stores I wish I had known. They will not cancel an order for and are even very rude when dealing with you. Biggest mistake I’ve made.