Snackeez Reviews: Readers Weigh In

Snackeez is advertised as the all-in-one, go-anywhere snacking solution. Here is our Snackeez review plus additional consumer information.

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This product can be described as a portable snacking station which allows consumers to carry a drink and snack in one hand. Its design resembles a large glass with an upper area to hold snacks. A straw accesses the drink below, which allows you to carry a drink and snack at the same time in a single hand. Both the snack cup and straw have lids to prevent spills.

We first evaluated Snackeeze back in November 2013. In the years since, our readers have given it a roughly 3 star rating.

Initially our readers expressed concerns with slow shipping times. Those who received the product gave it relatively high marks. It is now readily available in stores, so the shipping concerns should be eliminated.

A throw-away version called Snackeez Duo was introduced in 2015. That product can be found in stores, but has been cited as less durable than the regular Snackeez cups.

Below is additional information about Snackeez.

Official Website

  • Registered March 10, 2006


  • Address: Snackeez, 400 Returns Rd, Wallingford, CT 06494
  • Phone: 866-322-5547
  • Email: [email protected]
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Claims & Features

  • Hold a 16 oz. drink and your favorite snack, all in one hand
  • Sealed to keep snacks fresh and prevent spills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping
  • Available in four two-tone colors: pink/blue, blue/green, neon green, and neon orange.
  • Available in stores


  • $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling = $15.98
  • Get a second Snackeez for another $5.99 for a grand total of $21.97
  • You can find it in stores for about $10


Below are screenshots of the official website, taken in November 2013 and December 2015:


November 2013

snackeez website 2015

December 2015

Television Commercial

  • Below is a recent television commercial for Snackeez:

Snackeez Reviews

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First published: November 2013
Modified: December 7, 2015