Snackeez Reviews: Readers Weigh In

Snackeez Reviews: Readers Weigh In
3.1 (62.64%) 121 votes

Snackeez is advertised as the all-in-one, go-anywhere snacking solution. Here is our Snackeez review plus additional consumer information.

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This product can be described as a portable snacking station which allows consumers to carry a drink and snack in one hand. Its design resembles a large glass with an upper area to hold snacks. A straw accesses the drink below, which allows you to carry a drink and snack at the same time in a single hand. Both the snack cup and straw have lids to prevent spills.

We first evaluated Snackeeze back in November 2013. In the years since, our readers have given it a roughly 3 star rating.

Initially our readers expressed concerns with slow shipping times. Those who received the product gave it relatively high marks. It is now readily available in stores, so the shipping concerns should be eliminated.

A throw-away version called Snackeez Duo was introduced in 2015. That product can be found in stores, but has been cited as less durable than the regular Snackeez cups.

Below is additional information about Snackeez.

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Official Website

  • snackeez.com
  • Registered March 10, 2006


  • Address: Snackeez, 400 Returns Rd, Wallingford, CT 06494
  • Phone: 866-322-5547
  • Email: [email protected]

Claims & Features

  • Hold a 16 oz. drink and your favorite snack, all in one hand
  • Sealed to keep snacks fresh and prevent spills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping
  • Available in four two-tone colors: pink/blue, blue/green, neon green, and neon orange.
  • Available in stores


  • $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling = $15.98
  • Get a second Snackeez for another $5.99 for a grand total of $21.97
  • You can find it in stores for about $10


Below are screenshots of the official website, taken in November 2013 and December 2015:


November 2013

snackeez website 2015

December 2015

Television Commercial

  • Below is a recent television commercial for Snackeez:

Snackeez Reviews

Have you tried Snackeez? Please give us your review in the comments below and give it a star rating above.

First published: November 2013
Modified: December 7, 2015

  • Shirley A. Friend

    So you had spills??

  • Brin

    I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the $15(more or less) – is it really what it says it is?

  • Chelsea

    If you can find a way to order it from anywhere EXCEPT the website, do that. I just ordered one and they gave me “special thank you offers” that if I don’t call and cancel all of them (I believe it was 3) I will be charged $29 for each of them after 30 days. That’s not ok.

    • Freakin’ Reviews

      As with most As Seen on TV products, it’s usually best to wait until they appear in stores so you can take a look at how they’re made, and to avoid shipping charges.

  • I order these snackeez cups for my nephew and I called today to find out if they had been shipped and to my surprise I found out the they are back ordered till MARCH 2ND!! No one told that when I placed the order nor did I receive an email saying so. Very disappointed!!

    • jmar

      wow. is that why my order wasnt shipped yet?
      my kids have been bugging me everyday since i order them…
      till march 2nd? why they put it on tv commericial then?

    • I just found that out as well yet they still have the commercial on TV and my 7 year old daughter is still waiting for them! So why don’t they tell you that you have to wait until March to get them! If I tell her that she will be so mad. I now want to know if they have already charged me for them and if I will even get them! Last time I order from a TV commercial!

    • Danielle

      I ordered 4 Snackeez for my four year old on February 19 and they still haven’t come!

  • Miana

    Their Arbitration Agreement is ridiculous. I was about to place an order, but after reading the agreement, I stopped. It’s the most ridiculous agreement I have ever read. I encourage everyone to read the agreement before placing an order.

  • wendy

    thank you so much for your informative reviews. i think i will wait til they appear in stores. its always something isnt it?

  • TD

    Placed order for 4 snackeez cup orders (and get 4 free) + additional straws and when they stick on their shipping charge of $47.92, the grand total came to $93.87!!! Are these not PLASTIC CUPs??? OK, if that’s not pathetic enough, we still haven’t received our order and their customer service still can’t see it!! Oh, did I fail to mention when we ordered them??? Jan 21st. Strongly recommend NOT buying this product!

    • Kat

      Ditto to the remark below. This company is horrible!

      Placed order for 4 snackeez cup orders (and get 4 free) + additional straws and when they stick on their shipping charge of $47.92, the grand total came to $93.87!!! Are these not PLASTIC CUPs??? OK, if that’s not pathetic enough, we still haven’t received our order and their customer service still can’t see it!! Oh, did I fail to mention when we ordered them??? Jan 21st. Strongly recommend NOT buying this product!

  • Cindy

    I ordered these about 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t received them. I looked up my order status and it says loaded. It also states that I placed my order on 2-7-14, which was yesterday. Like I said, I placed this order 3 weeks ago.

    • JMAR

      I ordered on Jan 21st and my order status said same thing loaded… now whar does loaded mean???and it says i ordered on feb 7th, i called cistomer service and they said on feb 7th company changed system or something, my kids still ask me everyday if snackeez came today. Ujhhhj

  • Leaverne

    Placed my order January 6th and still nothing. Have called several times with comment that they are back ordered. Really frustrating.

  • Karen

    After seeing the commercial I Googled the reviews and seeing your comment I was curious about the arbitration agreement. I agree, it’s ridiculous and also one of the reasons I don’t order products from infomercials (to many hidden charges).

    ***** For anyone who is having issues with receiving their order there is a phone number to call the company directly in the arbitration agreement.

  • Jill

    Ordered Snackeez on 02/16/14 call today and “Customer Service” states they will not know if the order can be filled for another 3 – 6 weeks. In total that will be 9 weeks and still will not know if the can fill the order. Their is no customer services and the word “Loaded” means back order. Last time I check back order means back order. Worst site and customer service ever.

  • Lisa

    Called to order. Had already given order & payment info and when lady said that someone would be calling me in the next 48 hours to verify my order. I explained to her that I don’t accept calls from unknown name/numbers & we needed to just finish order now. She became flustered & started pitching other offers. I told her no interest in anything but the two cups. She was soooooo. unprofessional that I knew I had a problem. She kept trying to. pitch other stuff and I ask her for my confirmation number & she said that I would get a call back with it or it would be emailed, what’s your email? I told her that I changed my mind & I don’t want the cups, as she should be able to give me a total of my order & the confirmation #. She started rattling off customer service will handle. I hung up and had my bank card canceled!! On the website that legal jargon on the ‘arbitration agreement’s is so badly written. They pretty much say in the first paragraph that you have no rights…” . Both you and Company specifically acknowledge and agree that you waive your right to bring a lawsuit based on such claims or disputes and to have such lawsuit resolved by a judge or a jury.”

    • John Makidon

      If you read it you will see that the arbitration agreement does not take effect unless you accept the terms. In order to accept the terms you must have received the product and maintained control of it for 14 days. You DO have legal recourse in a court of law.

  • Tonya

    I also placed a n order for 2 of these cups over 4 weeks ago!! Still no cups!! As with all of you, my kids are at my heels everyday after school wanting to know if their snackeez came!!! This company is the absolute worst!! Customer Service is a complete waste of time!! They don’t even bother telling you before you order that they are on back order!! It’s one thing if I know about a situation up front, but to purposely blind your customers from the truth is ridiculous and no one I wish to do business with!! I will keep my eyes peeled in the future for products made by these guys!!

  • feck

    Was seconds away from ordering these on their website, than i thought… well… let me read up on any reviews. Boy, thanks everyone! I am glad I did! Will NOT be ordering these. My little girl too talks about these things all the time and I thought I could put them in her Easter basket. Nope. She won’t be getting these!

  • monticellomarge

    Just called customer service about my Jan order, still back ordered, could be another 6 weeks.

  • Ritzy

    Sorry you guys had horrible experience, I was just about to order 4 cups for my grand kids when I thought check reviews unbelievable!! I will wai on Walmart to get them or someone else might make similar cup. Delays are probably due to the slow boat from China or possible customs seizure or hold of merchandise if shipped in containers with other merchandise which had issues entering USA. Good Luck

  • Misty Fusco

    I know right? They told me i would get it in six weeks and called them, they didnt even have any but the commercials were still coming on T.V.!

  • Kyle

    REDICULOUS!!! I too have ordered 2 cups for my daughter back on Feb 21st and here it is 5 weeks later hearing about it every day from my munchkin…She checks the mail every day and gets more dissapointed every day. Pretty soon she will just give up. I agree from the comments above that this company should notify upon checkout that they wont be shipped for months! BAD BUSINESS practice for sure. I called CS today and some Indian guy said “Oh, they are on backorder and we should be getting our next shipment in very shortly” I then asked when do you expect to get them in? His reply was so matter of fact “Ummm…I say 6 weeks” ???? WTF… Never again will I do business with these CLOWNS

  • annette laughlin

    I ordered SNACKEEZ on January 5th 2114. When I checked my order it said the order was filled February 7th. Then checked back two weeks later and it said my products where loading. I just checked today, March 25th and now my order has been deleted. I called the customer service number, it rings twice and I get silence. They took my money but I have no way of talking to anyone about it. Still waiting

  • helen counce

    i was about ready to place an order for my Grandson however after reading the reviews…that won’t happen..,.PTL for once I didn’t screw up!!! sorry others for your problems, happy however you shared your experience!!!

  • Whitney

    I too Have ordered for my kids in Feb Still have not received anything , will some one please give me a number I can Call to check on them . My kids are askingme everyday and I ordered 4

  • April

    I placed an order two months ago and still haven’t received a thing. I looked at my email and today they sent it out. Customer service is horrible with this company. I advise anyone interested to wait for it in stores or if it’s on Amazon order from there. DO NOT order from infomercial

  • Karen

    They have deleted my order too. Twice, actually, with no reason and no notification. This time I am choosing to let it stay deleted. They are completely ridiculous! They haven’t taken my money so far, but I will be watching my account very closely to make sure they don’t! So disappointing for my seven year old who was SO excited when I finally gave in and agreed to order them for her!

    • disqus_vnSskMVN2E

      I had a lot of problems with this company too. I actually cancelled my order made back in Feb with them and then over a month later received an email my order had shipped and my card was charged. I cancelled the order the same day I placed it. I just now,almost May, have been refunded. Definitely keep track of your card charges! Awful business!

  • Lisa

    I was hesitant to order after reading reviews, but decided to go ahead and purchase them in hopes they would arrive in time for summer. I was extremely surprised to find them waiting for me on my doorstep less than two weeks later!!! Looks like they are back in stock or at least may have made improvements to their customer service. My kids love them!!

  • Summer

    I say just buy it for full price at CVS or Wallgreens…. I did see them there.

  • Shela

    I brought my son’s from bed bath & beyond. The plastic that snackeez is made with is not good. I got it last night for him. One drop, a piece is all already broken from it. This is not kids safe. The plastic is too hard (crispy)…reason it break so easily. The idea is great just don’t drop it. I do hope the company change the material or they are going to have a high return rate!
    I am exchanging mine tomorrow to at bbb…very open return policy.