Sole Spa Review: Foot Brush for the Shower

Sole Spa Review: Foot Brush for the Shower
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Sole Spa is a quick and simple way to clean feet without bending over. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Sole Spa review.

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About Sole Spa

Sole Spa resembles a sandal with thousands of bristles for cleaning your feet, a pumice stone on the heel, and suction cups on the bottom for securing to smooth surfaces. The official website is getsolespa.com, with a registration date of February 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in September 2017.

sole spa review

Claims & Features

  • Scrub and exfoliate feet with over 1,000 soft cleaning bristles
  • Removes dirt and odor
  • Clear away heel calluses with the built-in Pumice stone
  • Fasten to any smooth surface with suction cups
  • Can be used by people of any age


Sole Spa costs $19.99. Shipping is free. Each unit comes with a bonus back brush. At the time of this writing, Sole Spa is not available in stores.

Sole Spa Review

Sole Spa is an As Seen on TV foot brush with a built-in pumice stone that lets you clean and exfoliate your feet without bending over. To use Sole Spa, you simply place it on the floor of your tub or shower and keep it in place with six suction cups attached to the bottom. With the water running, you then insert one foot into the unit and pour any soap onto the unit. As it suds up, you can then rub your foot between the upper and lower bristles, or move your heel along the pumice stone on the back of the device.

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These types of brushes have been around for years, and most of the ones I’ve seen and used are basically the same as Sole Spa, and some even have a similar pumice stone on the back. It has been my experience that these shower foot brushes tend to work pretty well as long as it sticks to your tub. If you have a textured shower or tub floor, this may not stay in place. If that happens, you could use your other foot to hold it in place, although that can be quite awkward.

If it does stick, you’ll have to decide if you want to leave it in place or remove it from the shower after every use. Removing it requires you to bend over, which is something the device is actually designed to avoid. Some people like to add soap up-close, which entails more bending over, although you could just squirt soap onto the unit from above.

The pumice stone will probably be more useful to some than others. When I use a pumice stone, I like to scrub pretty hard, and I can’t really achieve the same effect with a foot brush like this for fear of breaking it. Other consumers don’t require as much pressure and would benefit more from its inclusion. If you don’t use the pumice, you’ll probably wish there were simply more bristles in that area.

Those who purchase Sole Spa with realistic expectations will probably be the most satisfied with it. There is a chance it may not stick to your shower floor or that you won’t find the pumice stone useful. Otherwise, it should work about as advertised.

Keep in mind that this appears to be a test marketed item, which means shipping can be glacial at best. You may want to exercise patience in the shipping process. Or, if you can’t wait, there are some similar alternatives which can be obtained more quickly, discussed below.


If the design of Sole Spa seems familiar, you’ve probably seen other shower foot brushes online or in stores. You may also recall another As Seen on TV foot brush called EasyFeet, which was basically the same thing, even including a pumice stone on the back. Sole Spa and EasyFeet are so similar, I wonder if this is simply a re-branding of that older product. That is still sold online for about $10.

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