Star Shower Slideshow Review: Next-Gen Holiday Light Display

Star Shower Slideshow Review: Next-Gen Holiday Light Display
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Star Shower Slideshow is a LED projector that displays moving holiday images. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Star Shower Slideshow review.

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About Star Shower Slideshow

Star Shower Slideshow is a colorful LED slide projector that features holiday icons that can be set to three different movement speeds. The official website is buyslideshow.com, with a registration date of February 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in July 2017.

star shower slideshow review

Claims & Features

  • Lights up your residence
  • Takes moments to setup
  • Ideal for holidays or celebrations
  • Instantly projects bright designs
  • Water resistant casing


Star Shower Slideshow costs $39.99 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $49.98. The projector comes with a long outdoor stake, an indoor base, and 12 holiday slides (2 Halloween, 6 Christmas, and 4 celebration slides). There is an optional double offer that also comes with a 2nd slideshow that costs $59.98 + $9.99 shipping for a total of $69.97. In addition to these two offers, there is a deluxe offer that includes a deluxe version of the projector, 24 holiday slides, and free shipping. The deluxe offer costs $59.98. There is also an optional double offer for the deluxe version that costs $99.96. A wireless remote can be added to any of the offer for an additional fee of $14.99.

Star Shower Slideshow Review

Holiday laser lights have gained popularity over the past couple of years, and in 2017 BulbHead started very early in its marketing of the next generation of holiday lights. In fact, it was immediately after the 2016 holiday season that I started seeing small test ads for a couple of different laser light shows by BulbHead. I saw ads for Star Shower Laser Magic, Window Wonderland, and Star Shower Slideshow. Each offers a slightly different take on the laser light shows that have performed so well over the past two years: Star Shower Laser Lights and Star Shower Motion.

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Originally I suspected that BulbHead was merely test marketing all three of these (which they probably were), but I was surprised to see all three of them make it into full production and hit store shelves in mid-2017. The three different projectors are offered at three different price points, with Slideshow at the bottom for $40, Laser Magic at $50, and Window Wonderland at $60. All three of these continually showed as “out of stock” on the BulbHead website until summer, at which time they began arriving on store shelves. I first noticed all three at local Walgreens around Las Vegas.

Star Shower Slideshow works by means of a cartridge that holds different colored moving images. You can choose among 12 different themes, half of which are Christmas, two are Halloween, and 4 are miscellaneous holidays. This is different than previous Star Shower products that simply projected pinpoints of light. The Christmas themes include such images as ornaments, gingerbread man, gifts, Santa, snowflakes, and candy canes. Other holiday images include Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Birthday, and Easter.

To use Star Shower Slideshow, you simply place it facing your house and insert the desired slide show. As with previous Star Shower products, you’ll need to connect it to an extension cord because the included cord is extremely short.┬áKeep in mind that the farther away you need to place this item, the dimmer the lights will appear. If you want to cover a large area, you may need to get two units, or deal with a very dim display.

As you can see in the video below, I found Star Shower Slideshow to be far brighter than other Star Shower offerings I’ve seen. The images are crisp and bright, although the field of projection may be narrower than I expected. You can move them in slow or fast motion, and you can freeze the motion by pressing the red button on the back of the unit.

For those wanting to up their game every holiday season, the three holiday lights by BulbHead will probably be must-have decorations in 2017. Although Window Wonderland is the most expensive and features live action movies (although the clips are only 10 seconds each), I actually prefer Star Shower Slideshow over that model because it is so bright and offers images for holidays throughout the year. It’s also easier to set up and doesn’t usurp one of your interior windows like Window Wonderland.


If you’re still on the fence, you could always take a look at Star Shower Motion, which was the hot seller in 2016. You can find numerous holiday projectors, such as this $10 model that also displays moving colored images.

Video Review

Below you can see my full reviews of Star Shower Slide Show and Star Shower Window Wonderland.

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Updated August 2017.