StarTastic Review: Does This Laser Light Show Work?

StarTastic Review: Does This Laser Light Show Work?
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StarTastic is in an indoor/outdoor laser show for the home. Read our StarTastic review.

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About StarTastic

StarTastic is a home light show which can be used indoors or outdoors for a brilliant laser show. The official product website is trystartastic.com, which was registered in December 2015. Below is a screen capture showing the official website as it appeared in August 2016.

startastic laser light review

Claims & Features

  • Plug and point
  • Uses 99% less electricity than standard lights
  • Auto turns on and off during day/night
  • Water and cold resistant
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Projects up to 600 square feet
  • 2 modes: Green only, or red & green together


You can get StarTastic from the official website for $29.99 + $7.95 P&H for a total cost of $37.94. Startastic can also be found on Amazon for  about $13. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

StarTastic Review

StarTastic is a device which projects red and green lights onto your home in order to achieve a brilliant light show with minimal effort.

To use StarTastic, you simply plug the device in, place it in the ground (using the attached stake) and point at your desired location. The angle at which the light projects can be easily adjusted. The final result is a display that is beautiful and simple. Illuminating your home with lights can take minutes rather than hours the old fashioned way.

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A built-in sensor detects if it is day or night, and shut the lights on or off accordingly. This is a nice feature that some competing products don’t have.

There are two modes, featuring a green-only display, or red and green lights together. It would be nice to have a red-only display, and even nicer were there more colors such as blue or white. Red and green relegates this to a mostly Winter holiday light show.

The cord is very short so you’ll certainly need an extension cord to use outside. This, however, allows for less bulky storage.

StarTastic is of average durability, made primarily of plastic. Leaving this outdoors for long periods of time, especially in the summer, may significantly lessen the life of the product.

A note about the product’s Amazon page… A very large percentage of users who have reviewed StarTastic there received the product for free or at a discount in exchange for their opinion. We feel this sometimes skews a person’s objectivity, so you may want to read those reviews with a grain of salt.

There have been a few concerns expressed about the safety of this type of product. In late 2015, the FAA noted that laser light displays were potentially dangerous to pilots. Consumers have been urged to point lasers are at their homes and not up into the sky. Additionally, using StarTastic indoors should be done with cautions not to look directly into the lights themselves.

Despite a few concerns, StarTastic gets the job done as advertised, and is priced competitively. Can it stand out among a field of similar competitors? Only time will tell.


StarTastic is one of several laser light products to hit the market after a rather successful marketing campaign by Star Shower Laser Light in 2015. That spawned spin-off products such as Star Shower Patriot and Star Shower Motion.

A popular choice is Star Shower Motion, which runs about $40 and has a 4.7 star rating. You can see a video review of that product below.

Television Commercial

Your StarTastic Reviews

What do you think of StarTastic ? Give us your opinion in the comments below and leave a star rating above.

  • IRET


    • Do you mean it blinks in a regular pattern, or it seems to shut on and off?

      • Kat

        The unit isn’t supposed to blink off and on. The lights are just on in either red and green or just green.

        • Elizabeth McGowan

          Every one I have bought I always get the same problem I plug it in to make sure it works and i press the green or red button and it came on so I unplugged it and set it all up just to switch on and it never works I have had 4 of these silly lights and everyone of them all did the same I am wondering if there is a fault with the box on the power lead
          I’ve never been so stressed over a stupid laser light

          • Kat

            I just update my post of over a year ago. I ended up returning the last one I bought. I understand your stress over it.. hey I gave it 3 tries! So not worth the headache.

    • Rachel Tindall

      We just got ours yesterday and set it up. Today, it already started blinking on and off. Pretty disappointed with the quality of this laser. I think I am sending it back.

    • Kat

      See my post above. I think I may have solved the blinking!

  • Karen Noel Dougherty

    Bought mine and the red worked 2 nights and does not work now. Green is now very dim. VERY disappointed. Would not buy it again. Tried to contact company and no response.

    • Kat

      See my post above! I think I figured out the blinking. I too had tried to contact the company and no one has gotten back to me either.

  • Kat

    I bought this a week ago, then all of a sudden it started blinking on me in red and green mode. I exchanged it for another one, and tried it out, and it started blinking on me. SO a THIRD time I go back to the store – make them plug it in before exchanging it. It worked fine. Came home tried it in the house and the thing was BLINKING!!
    I started wondering why, nearly impossible for my luck to have 3 defected units. So I brought it into a complete dark room with no light from anywhere at all. The thing did not blink once. So I brought it back into a room that had a tiny bit of light, moved it around and when the sensor caught the smallest amount of light it would blink. I put my finger over the sensor – and it stopped! I switched it to green mode and tried the same thing – it blinked.
    So the unit is VERY sensitive to light. This time I’m going to install it and make sure that there in no light from passing cars or from the street light. SOLVED … I hope..lol
    I’ll post an update in a few days if it blinks or not after installing it back outside.

    • freakinreviews

      Very strange, but great that you figured it out! We didn’t have that problem with the unit here, but there are probably readers who will experience the same problem, and your comment may help them. Thanks again!

      • Kat

        Oh hey. I forgot to post the update – a year ago! I must have been so ticked off I forgot. Anyway, bottom line is, I returned it a few days later. It’s unfortunate because I really liked this model better than the ones that swirl. So now I’ve got a new one – and is not a “as seen on TV” one. It swirls. BUT at least it works 🙂

  • The Guitar Guy.001

    Hello there .I bought this unit too. Plugged it in. didn’t realize about the sensor. turn on the Red/Green, then heard a Puck sound. Took it into a slightly dim room (basement) As Kat said Red/Green blinked. Green didn’t. Put my finger over the sensor, nothing worked. Went to another store bought a Different Brand ( “Star Laser”) found out it was used / prepacked / dirt on ground peg / after use outside , Green faded. Make a long story short I Did refunds on both. Today went out and bought “Star Shower” . Here’s the catch. There was is a black tape shield over the sensor. and this one worked fine. So i went back to the store bought “StarTactic” again.( but I noticed theses were used dirt on all Ground Pegs. ( refurbished I believe ). So I decided to block the sensor with Good Duck Guerilla duck tape. And it works great. Taped over the sensor. No light affects the sensor. I hope this helps review helps . Too I read theses devices don’t like rain.
    But I have read the Pros & Cons not good ratings on theses star light projectors.

    • freakinreviews

      Good info. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom

    My lights turn off during the day but do not come back on at night. Is there something that I am dong wrong?

    • Mike F

      I have the same issue, so have to go outside and turn on manually. Also doesn’t come back on when on timer.