Tac Glasses Review: Do They Enhance Visual Clarity?

Tac Glasses Review: Do They Enhance Visual Clarity?
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Tac Glasses are tactical sunglasses that supposedly boost visual clarity, enhance colors, and block glare. Do they work as advertised? Here is our Tac Glasses review.

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About Tac Glasses

Tac Glasses are specialized sunglasses that are inspired by tactical/military gear. They supposedly increase optical clarity, augment color perception, and prevent glare. The official website is trytacglasses.com, with a registration date of May 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017.

tac glasses review

Claims & Features

  • Includes light-filtering technology
  • Blocks blinding glare
  • Augments colors
  • Sturdy design withstands the elements
  • Influenced by military sunglasses


Tac Glasses cost $19.99 with free shipping. There is an optional double offer for a second pair which charges a separate fee of $6.95, bringing your total to $26.94. At the time of this writing, Tac Glasses are not available in stores.

Tac Glasses Review

When I saw that the “Tac” brand was back with another commercial featuring Nick Bolton, I wasn’t sure if I should cringe or laugh – based on some of the previous TacLight brand commercials I’ve seen (in particular Tac Bat, but that’s another story). Fortunately, the commercial for Tac Glasses isn’t quite as cheesy as some of the brand’s previous offerings.

With Tac Glasses, we have a pair of polarized sports/military/tactical sunglasses that allows you to see better by reducing glare and enhancing colors. The commercial does a reasonable job of demonstrating how such glasses work, without actually using the word “polarized” or really giving a great deal of detail about the product itself. Does it provide UV protection? Are those polycarbonate lenses? We just don’t know. The packaging doesn’t reveal much, either.

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Tac Glasses appear to be a respectable pair of polarized sports/military sunglasses, offering a familiar design. I own a pair, and found that they provide decent clarity and do reduce glare. They don’t appear to be made of the highest quality materials, and feel to me like a $10-$15 pair of sunglasses from Walmart. Additionally, I don’t particularly like the shape of the lenses for purely aesthetic reasons, but that is strictly a matter of taste.

There are small corners at the bottom edge of the lenses that I felt slightly poking my nose. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s a slightly uncomfortable reminder that they are there.

There is certainly nothing wrong with Tac Glasses, but also nothing particularly extraordinary about them either. They function pretty well, but I’m not sold on the shape and design. The advertising doesn’t do a good job of letting consumers know that there are three different versions of Tac Glasses, because it’s marketed as if it were a single product. They have the Original, plus one for increased glare reduction and another for night vision. The ads state that Tac Glasses are good in low light, but when I took them in my car at night, I could barely see.

I don’t know if I would believe the commercial’s claim that “There’s just nothing like them on the market today.” As I note below, these types of sunglasses are actually quite common.

tac glasses review

A closeup of Tac Glasses.

tac glasses review

Tac Glasses do reduce glare and enhance colors.


There are a number of “tactical” or “military” sunglasses to be found in stores and online. This pair of COSVER polarized sunglasses is quite close in design and function to Tac Glasses, and can be purchased for about $20, with Amazon Prime shipping. This model by Torege has even higher ratings with a price of about $22, and offers five interchangeable lenses for various situations.

Video Review

Below you can find my full video review of Tac Glasses.

Your Tac Glasses Reviews

What are your thoughts about Tac Glasses? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

Updated September 2017.

  • Cayman

    Just got mine. Really cheaply made. I won’t expect mine to last long. These do not bring out any colors. They are so reflective and darkly tinted that you will think that the sun just set as everything turns dark gray. I tried to use them driving and quickly decided that I lost too much clarity in the dimness of fast moving objects and removed them. The only place I would consider using these would be on a bright and sunny beach where you would want to block reflected sun from the water and white sand. I think about three or 4 pairs of these lined up would have enabled one to look at the eclipse.

  • Samuel Vain

    I’ve ordered twice from the website and both times I got the confirm email and saw the transaction in my account, then never got my glasses and both times all digital record of the transactions disappeared from my email and the bank, but I saw no difference in my balance after the money was paid. Something stinks about this website! I’ve lost $60 and Tac has nothing to say.

  • Doug

    Ordered many months ago. Called a month ago, talked to a very hateful “:B” She said they were on back order. No debit on my acc. so not going to worry about it.
    From the sound of things they aint worth having anyway!!

    • Ginny Slayton

      Agree! Took me a month + to get!!!

    • thebruteforce1

      I waited over six weeks then was told om back order. Waited another two weeks then called and cancelled my order.

    • adjfire

      Took mine 37 days from order to ship and then another 5 days to receive them! GARBAGE!

  • Chuck

    I finally received mine yesterday after a 2 month wait. For sure, the lenses are different from your typical sunglasses. Low quality frames that have to be pampered or could break. I really wasn’t expecting much but I do like the difference. Don’t look at the sun because they seem to blot the haze and enhances the sun itself. They’re OK.

  • Doug

    Finally got them. So flimsy need two hands to put them on. Nothing special. $10. Walmart would have been better. Hyped up advertising.
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ginny Slayton


  • Andy Cowan

    So i bought these and they are not to shabby. The nose cushion pieces fall off kinda easy but they reduce sunglare very well. I bought the blue lens too which im not sure what is purpose is other then it makes the sky look pretty. The yellow ones i guess( cause it dosnt say) are the low light/night glassses. They do brighten the view and if there is a light source they do make it brighter but its not a huge difference. Overall im pleased and would recomend the basic version. Dont buy the add ons, not really worth it but they r neat!

  • Alice Haldeman

    Reading all this makes me glad they don’t take Discover as I might have ordered if they did. I’m looking for something that will let me see my cell phone screen in the bright Florida sunlight. Any suggestions?

  • Lynne Hendricks Green

    Tac light glasses, suggestion- since many people have a variety of vision issues, some people wear eye glasses, need to produce the ‘clip on’ tac lite eye wear, to attach to their eye glasses. This would increase sales and improve marketing to all the public. 10/5/2017.

  • HadenMcDaniel

    The problem with any cool “sunglasses” like Tac Glasses is that if you wear prescription eyewear, you’re pretty much SOL, that is, UNLESS they sell a wraparound version to fit over prescription lenses. Any chance of that happening? Would be nice!

    • giantslayer

      From all the comments I have read, you don’t want them.

    • Traruh Synred

      You can buy plain hold polarized glasses that will fit over your prescription glasses at pretty much any drug store. They will work just as well as so called ‘tac-glasses.’

      Before I got my cataracts fixed I had to use these to drive w/o too much glare. Since the cataract surgery, I have not needed glasses for distance or driving so I can just use cheap polarized sun glasses.

      The lenses in the over-your-prescription glasses can fall out if you drop ’em. I put a thin bead of Elmer’ glue around the inside edge which completely solves this problem [a].

      Clip-on glasses don’t work. They fall apart in a week or so.

      [a]The manufacture should do this, give it a fancy name.

  • RichSpirit

    I have spent many nights googling reviews on countless as seen on TV products over the years. I probably have looked up over sixty products and virtually every single one has received two Stars out of five or less!!

    Most have reported either A POS product, crappy and rude customer service, credit card scams with cards being double billed or billed way in excess of what it should have been, etc.

    After hearing many disaster stories from people decades ago and the scores is reviews I’ve seen, I’ll Never order shit from TV ever… And I recommend you don’t either.

    • Thomas Horbach

      Rich.. I agree with you 100%, I would also like to add that when they say “if you order today we will “DOUBLE” your offer all you need to do is pay is shipping & handling and processing fee ” I’ve discovered that When you opt for the buy one get one free, it ends up where instead of paying $19.95 + s/h and say your total should be $22.99, your bill is now $44.99, and you never know any of this until you go to check out and enter your payment info. And see that the bill has doubled.
      After SEVERAL idiotic mistakes I realized that it imperative that you read the “Terms & & Agreements” for everything online

      • Thomas Carey

        You forgot to say, that once you call in to order they want to sell you or upgrade for extra money of course. Another deluxe model with blue lenses excetera excetera which is an upgrade of the original brand For $19.99.
        they don’t tell you that on their advertisement that’s the one they’re advertising but you’re not getting that pair of glasses….. we are getting an ordinary cheap pair of non polarized junk glasses.
        Before you buy as seen on TV do the research. By proving brands, they May cost a little more, but you’re getting what you pay for and they back their product 100%……

        • giantslayer

          Thanks guys! And I was about to order………..not anymore!

          • adjfire

            These glasses are a scam! Read my review above! Youd need to hire a lawyer to get ANY support! Oh by the way its not 6.95 for the second pair. I ordered a second pair and 1 extra set of yellow lenses and I got billed 48 bucks. Sooooo what happened to just pay shipping? Also I received no instructions as to how to change out the lenses. Lastly there is no info in their page as to how to contact customer service! SCAM!!!!!!!!!! lets not talk about how they fit or perform! They ridge high on the nose as the bridge is tight. The nose supports fall off after just 1 hr of useage. Now I have one of the three glasses non-useable within the first hour of use. No way to order new parts! You can send the glasses back for a complete refund (as long as not damaged; damaged glasses must go through legal arbitration at your expense) and they will give your money back minus shipping. <<<<— Cant wait to see what they consider shipping!

  • Donna Vesely

    Excellent review. Thank you.

  • Ed

    Finally received TAC glasses yesterday, after waiting 6 weeks since ordered. What a waste! Cheap plastic and flimsy. The ‘one mold fits all noses’ style is hard and uncomfortable. Had to pay to ship them back so lost over $3.00 just to try them for a few minutes. Definitely a case of slick advertising that will reel in enough who don’t go the trouble to package and return. DO NOT BE FOOLED – they are junk!

    • Ginny Slayton

      Agree! DONT Waste your money!!!!!!

  • Joy Summers

    I finally got my pair, was really thinking they were not coming. Like someone else said takes both hands to get on which is hard when your driving. I considered sending them back since they don’t fit well over my glasses which I had hoped they would. But they were a life saver driving west facing the sun the other evening although I did have to wear them without my regular glasses. Thank the Good Lord for getting safe down the road wearing the tac glasses.

    • giantslayer

      Polarized sunglasses would do the same.

  • andrea

    TAC glasses implying ‘tactical’. really the cheapest kind of polarization of sunglasses. Sunglasses with these cheaper polarized lenses, called TAC lenses, are likely to be found in dollar stores and gas stations, and equally as likely to give you headaches.

    So got to your local corner store, dollar store or gas station and spend $10.00, no shipping or handling fees either.

  • hgunwilltravel2

    Junk. False advertising the company should have a class suit file against them.

  • John Bucknell

    This has been the worse experience I have ever had with an order. My order was placed around 9/26/17 and put on label created 9/28/17 as the anticipated ship date but never sent. I called 10/13 and the customer service lady apologized and said she would reorder the glasses. I called back a week later and was told they were on back order with no expected shipping date. After not getting them for my vacation, being told they were being resent and then told they were on back order I told her to cancel the order. I have worked for multiple customer service companies and most would try to keep an order not just let one cancel. I think other people on social media should see how the company is really run.

  • John Bucknell

    Tac Glasses
    This has been the worse experience I have ever had with an order. My order was placed around 9/26/17 and put on label created 9/28/17 as the anticipated ship date but never sent. I called 10/13 and the customer service lady apologized and said she would reorder the glasses. I called back a week later and was told they were on back order with no expected shipping date. After not getting them for my vacation, being told they were being resent and then told they were on back order I told her to cancel the order. I have worked for multiple customer service companies and most would try to keep an order not just let one cancel. I think other people on social media should see how the company is really run.

  • Jon

    It is the through the not so clean windshield, driving towards the Sun blackout that I am trying to find a solution to…I don’t know if these would help that or not?

    • R A Walton

      Maui Jim is ALL I have to say. Just do it. You’ll NEVER be disappointed!!!!

  • Joe Haley

    I ordered these glasses on Oct. 15, 2017. I was charged on AMEX on Nov 2. Have not received them. Called them and was informed th y were lost in mail. This is
    doubtful. Lady said they work led resend and they should l be her in Approx. 7 or
    8 days. Unbelilab

  • The biggest issue I have with any of these types of sunglasses is that they seem to ignore the millions of American’s that wear prescription glasses. They need to make a version that either fits over the prescription glasses or clips onto them. Preferably fits over.

    • giantslayer

      Don’t buy. Just read all the comments!

  • phyllislynn

    Most of the comments here are complaints of customer service or billing scams. I never order from these sites. Order from Amazon that way you don’t have any issues. What I was looking for was do they really work? Can Someone answer that please

    • Hi there. I don’t know if you watched any of the video above, but I do demonstrate these glasses first-hand. While I would say they certainly function as sunglasses (meaning they DO work), they don’t seem extraordinary to me. The just seem to be an ordinary pair of sunglasses.

      • phyllislynn

        I appreciate your response. I have plenty of ordinary sunglasses so not going there with these.

    • adjfire

      No! It is a scam! Do not waste your money on this abject junk!

      • phyllislynn

        Thank you ….I won’t

  • Mike Culpepper

    A waste of time and money!!! Do not buy the CRAP!!!!!!

  • Claudio Funes

    These tac glasses are being offered “as seen on tv, light filtering, block glare, enhances color, survive harshest conditions”. That is a Lie. Each one of these fetures have a $10 price. This is nothing Short of a Scam. I am sending a copy of this Ad to the FTC, they will look into it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/78c7392fd0d73ab42a1399942a0540fcdab61656a6918ef053f14f2d31b6ec01.png

    • James J. Cwik

      Lol!!! What a Big Joke!!! Buyers Beware, Theirs a Sucker Born every Minute!!! GYSOT!!!

  • jcice13

    of course they don’t work like advertised, how rare is it that something you see on those tv ads work like they say?

  • Theresa Proctor-Hall

    Do you have the glasses as clips for regular glasses if would buy

    • As of this time, I have not seen any clip-on version of Tac Glasses.

    • giantslayer

      Read the comments. I was about to buy, but not anymore!

  • Bob Stout

    I received my Tach glasses and they are no better than my $8 sunglasses. Hope people don’t fall for the stupid ad. I am not happy with them. You have made it clear ordering off here is just a waste of money.

  • fullbug

    Just got mine today…. Total Crap !
    They are now in my box of other crap to take to the range and use as target practice..

  • Dream on

    Biggest POS glasses spend a little more and get polarized glasses…

  • Traruh Synred

    What’s with that ‘eagle’ gimmick. I suppose it just polarization and they have to make sure the ‘amazed customers’ have to be kept from wearing their own polarized lenses — that is if they’re not just actors (as seems likely)

  • Jim Brown

    Nothing special. Disappointing. Don’t waste your money.

  • Papajohn

    I haven’t tried the glasses but I always notice the commercial because, for whatever reason, my dogs immediately start barking as soon as it comes on. Something in the music, I think.

  • HD HD

    I wanted these to use when I go for rides on my Harley. They look nothing like what is showed on tv. So disappointed. I can’t see any better or worse then if I was using a different pair of glasses. Do not waste hour money. They are a joke.

  • dundlevision

    They told me I would be able to see a picture of an American Eagle, but the picture I received was of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Bagdadi with Arabic writing over his head. What gives?!? I am spreading the word. If you want to join me in a class action suit, please write me.

  • adjfire

    These glasses are abject junk! Scam clue number 1: The manufacturer has carefully placed a legal disclaimer in each package that states any and all claims against the glasses must go through legal arbitration at your expense. SO, you would have to hire a lawyer to even find out how to contact them! At 19.99 youll just suck it up and let them keep the 19.99. Now their flashlights and lanterns are awesome but these glasses are a complete and utter scam! Secondly if you get the glasses with the extra lenses then you will not receive any instructions as to how to change out the lenses and according to their arbitration legal notice you will need to hire a lawyer to force them to send you instructions and thats only after your lawyer figures out how to contact their legal team at 300.00 dollars an hour. Bell and Howell 1 – Sucker Customer 0.

  • if it has “Tac” or “Atomic” in the name it is garbage and a scam

  • Dave Myers

    as a photographer I know a little about lenses and lens coatings. There are sunglasses where the lens is just plain tinted a darker color; there are polarized lenses, which are a good alternative. Polarized lenses actually use an optical method to reduce and/or remove glare. They also darken like plain sunglasses. Because of how polarized lenses works, they sometimes completely black out liquid crystal displays (like on your car dashboard, your LCD watch display, etc.). Then, finally, there are enhanced coatings that can be put on lenses that actually increase the lenses’ ability to transmit light more completely. This is referred to as “super-multi-coating” and the like on camera lenses. These coatings reduce flair, glare, etc., when the sun is in the field of view. Beyond these things, anything they tell you about these “tactical” lenses, etc. is pure BULLSHIT!

  • Happy but Deplorable George

    I watched this add umpteen times. I just laugh at the line where Bolton says they are a must in tactical situations. Yes I am so worried about my neighbor peeking over the hedges with his howitzer.

  • William Clack

    I purchased a pair since i drive 10 hrs a day. Was not impressed
    Did not do what they said it would do.
    Very flimzy made and they broke after the 3rd day. I also purchased the tact light flash light also junk the on off button on back of handle never worked righr would not turn on some times and would come apart. If I was you I would not purchase anyrging from these people. Cheaply made and does not last.

  • Nigel Deans

    There’s no such thing as “military” sunglasses. These glasses follow the same 20-year old design companies developed for active lifestyles, that soldiers have been using for the same reason as any outdoor sportsmen. When it comes to sales, the “military” is a buzzword because they know there are thousands of wannabes that will buy anything as long as you tell them it’s inspired by the military. Just look at the sales job… plastered with American flags and eagles… The game is pretty obvious and so are the suckers.

  • Michele Sikorski

    I was thinking about buying these as an inexpensive pair of sunglasses for days on the water and snow days until reading these reviews. I don’t think I read one positive review. I was also curious about the white screen thing that they have going on in their commercials. If you want to know how they do it, just go to you tube and look up DIY Privacy Screen. It’s interesting, but does it prove these are incredible sunglasses? Heck no. I’ll go with either Rivbos or Torege. They both have great reviews and they’re comparable in price at around 20 bucks. Plus I found some on Amazon prime so shipping fees and the ridiculous waiting game won’t be an issue.