Tac Light Review: Does it Work?

Tac Light Review: Does it Work?
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Tac Light is a military grade high performance flashlight. Read our Tac Light review plus additional information.

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About Tac Light

Tac Light is a small-but-powerful flashlight by Bell & Howell that has been advertised on television in 2016. The official product website is trytaclight.com, which was registered in April 2016. The screenshot below was taken of the official website in May 2016.

tac light review

Claims and Features

  • 22 times brighter than regular flashlights (600 lumens)
  • Can be seen up to 2 nautical miles away
  • Strobe feature to “stun” intruders
  • Small, light
  • Works in water or while frozen
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • By Bell+Howell
  • Regular model uses three AAA batteries. Upgraded model uses rechargeable battery.


Tac Light costs $19.99 with free shipping. A second light can be added for another $10. You can also upgrade to a model which uses a rechargeable battery for $29.99.

Tac Light can be found in stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section, for about $20.

Tac Light Review

Tactical flashlights (or “Tac Lights”) are high-performance flashlights made from high-grade materials. They are used by police and military due to their durability and power. They are used for a variety of purposes, including being mounted on weapons.

In addition to its regular bright setting, there are a number of other modes which Tac Light offers, such as zoom mode, self-Defense mode (strobe), low light mode, and SOS mode.

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Low light mode conserves batteries and works at a much lower brightness level, useful when 600 lumens is overkill. Self-Defense Mode sends a debilitating strobe in the direction of an intruder or attacker. Zoom mode focuses the light on a smaller area, useful if you need to hone the light in a specific location. SOS mode emits a blinking SOS signal.

Tac Light is well-constructed and offers a bright light, comparable to what you see in the television advertising. The unit is small, lightweight, and sports a comfortable grip. It can easily brighten a dark room, and the number of modes makes it highly versatile. You should be aware that Bell+Howell is a trademarked name that is licensed to third-party manufacturers, and should not influence your purchasing decision.

With the large number of similar products showing up online, tactical lights are a hot product in 2016. The number of options are dizzying, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. You can find competing products anywhere from $12-$130, with lumens ranging from 320-1600. It can be difficult to choose among such a wide range of competition.

Should you decide to choose the Bell & Howell Tac Light, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed, as it performs about as advertised. Because it is now available in stores, we recommend purchasing locally to avoid shipping costs and delays. This will also facilitate the return process, if necessary.

The price-to-lumens ratio is actually quite good. Overall, it’s not a bad entry-level tactical light for those seeking to test out this category of flashlights. You may want to compare Tac Light to the highly-rated Streamlight ProTac HL, which sports similar features, and costs about $60.


After about three weeks, the button for the Tac Light stopped working. While this is usually a relatively easy remedy for other LED flashlights, the tail cap on Tac Light does not sport a standard design and there appears to be no (easy) way to access the parts within. Thus, a broken button will render the product useless.

Our Video Reviews

Below is our hands-on video review of Tac Light, along with a follow-up which discusses the broken button.

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Updated December 2016.

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