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tactical lighter review

Tactical Lighter Review: Does This Arc Plasma Lighter Work?

Tactical Lighter is an electric flameless lighter that can withstand wind and harsh conditions. Does it really work? Here is my Tactical Lighter review.

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About Tactical Lighter

Tactical Lighter is a rechargeable lighter that uses electricity to create a plasma arc. The official product website is, which was registered in September 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in November 2017.

tactical lighter review

Claims & Features

  • No flame or fluid
  • Wind-proof and water resistant
  • Military tough
  • Light and compact
  • 100+ lights per charge (via USB)


Tactical Lighter costs $19.99 with free shipping. You can add a second Tactical Ligher and Tac Light for another $10 fee, which would bring your total to $29.99. As of this writing, Tactical Lighter is not available in stores.

Tactical Lighter Review

Tactical Lighter is the latest in a series of competing products between the Atomic Beam and Tac Light brands. Only a few months ago, the Atomic Lighter was heavily advertised and now we have a familiar cast of characters returning for yet another “Tac” branded product, the Tactical Lighter.

To use Tactical Lighter, you simply charge it via USB and then use it like you would a regular lighter. Instead of a flame, however, Tactical Lighter generates a plasma arc that can be used to light anything that a regular lighter would. Although it seems logical to compare Tactical Lighter with the Atomic Beam Lighter, it is actually more like another As Seen on TV product called Ever Light. That item also uses a plasma arc, but has a longer handle and only uses a single arc, while Atomic Lighter uses two.

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What I like about Tactical Lighter is that the arc is unobstructed. Some of these newer arc lighters, including Atomic Lighter, seem difficult to access – and in the case of Atomic Lighter, the cap actually becomes something of a hindrance. Thus, its “open” design allows you to contact the arc with whatever it is you want to light more easily than some other designs I’ve seen. You’ll probably find that Tactical Lighter is in fact quite durable and can withstand everyday use quite handily.

Some of my complaints about Tactical Lighter are about this type of lighter in general. If you want to use it to light cigarettes, you may want to think again. Those who use arc lighters for cigarettes tend to have mixed reviews, with some users claiming that it must be cleaned after each use because the cigarette comes into contact with the arc, which can be easily clogged. A specific issue I have with Tactical Lighter, which is the same as Ever Light, is that it uses only a single arc, while Atomic Lighter uses two arcs. That may not seem like a big difference, but the double-arc design seems more efficient at lighting objects than the single design.

In short, both the Tactical Lighter, Atomic Lighter, and Ever Light have their pros and cons, and none of them seem perfect. I would probably pass on the double offer, unless you’ve really wanted a Tac Light anyway. Keep in mind that the separate fee you pay for the double offer is non-refundable.


It may come as no surprise that arc lighters are actually quite common. This Tesla Coil Lighter, for example, costs about $17 and holds a solid 4.1 star rating among over 4,000 customer ratings. It may pay to shop around.

Below you can find my double review of two As Seen on TV arc lighters: Atomic Lighter and Ever Light.

Your Tactical Lighter Reviews

Have you used Tactical Lighter or something like it? Leave a comment below and a star rating above to let us know your thoughts.

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