Vuly 2 Review: Next-Gen Trampoline?

Vuly 2 Review: Next-Gen Trampoline?
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Vuly 2 is described as a new take on the classic backyard trampoline. Read our Vuly 2 review here.

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About Vuly 2

Vuly 2 is a redesign of the classic backyard trampoline. The official product website is getvuly2.com, which was registered in June 2016. The screenshot below shows the official website in July 2016.

vuly 2 review

Claims and Features

  • 4 sizes: 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot
  • Tallest safety enclosure on the market
  • Strong frame is easy to assemble with no nuts or bolts
  • 330-lb weight capacity
  • Safety pads are stylish and water/UV resistant


The cost when purchasing from the official website is as follows:

  • 8 foot: $550
  • 10 foot: $650
  • 12 foot: $750
  • 14 foot: $850

Vuly 2 is also available in stores such as Toy R Us, although prices vary from those listed above.

As of this writing, there is a free accessory offered with each trampoline purchase. Accessories include a ladder or deck. This offer will likely vary over time.

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There are a number of accessories that can be purchased, such as a tent which runs $200-$350, depending on the size.

Vuly 2 Review

Vuly 2 is marketed as a next-gen trampoline. Improvements over the standard design include stylish safety pads, quick assembly, and improved safety walls. Here we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with this trampoline.

The advertised benefits are the most compelling “pros” of Vuly 2. The safety walls are integrated, tall (6’2″), and bow inward, which creates a safer play environment. The frame is probably one of the better features, which parents will appreciate more than kids bouncing on a Vuly 2. The fact that the frame is assembled without tools in a “click together” design makes installation much less problematic. You should be able to get Vuly 2 fully installed in an hour or two. You can get Vuly 2 in four sizes, all of which have a 330 lb weight limit.

Perhaps the biggest “con” with Vuly 2 is not of the trampoline itself, but of the optional tent, which is has been included as a free gift, or can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars. Some advertisements have given the impression that the tent functions like a traditional tent – being able to handle rain and inclement weather. As it turns out, the tent is more of a “novelty” item, and not meant to be used alongside the trampoline, nor in the rain. Complaints about the tent’s durability and performance in certain weather conditions suggest that consumers have more expectations from this add-on than the company may have intended.

Overall, Vuly 2 is a fine trampoline, although we suggest either skipping the optional tent, or having realistic expectations about its function.

Vuly 2, due to its updated safety and construction features, tends to cost more than some of its popular competitors. You may wan to compare it to something like the Skywalker Jump N Dunk trampoline which includes a safety enclosure and basketball hoop. The 12-foot version of that product runs about $250 and holds an impressive 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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