Window Wonderland Review: Holiday Video Projector

Window Wonderland Review: Holiday Video Projector
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Window Wonderland is a projector that changes windows into a colorful holiday display. Does it work as advertised? Here is our Window Wonderland review.

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About Window Wonderland

Window Wonderland is a video and audio projection system that creates brightly colored holiday displays through the windows in your house. The official website is buywindowwonderland.com, with a registration date of February 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in May 2017.

window wonderland review

Claims & Features

  • Quick holiday decoration
  • State-of-the-art projection tech
  • Easy to setup & operate
  • Usable for various holidays
  • Projects sensational window displays


The main Window Wonderland offer costs $59.99 with free shipping. It comes with a 4×6 window screen and a lifetime guarantee. An optional double offers costs $89.98. There is also a deluxe version of Window Wonderland that costs $69.98 with free shipping. The deluxe version comes with a 4×6 window screen, a lifetime guarantee, and 6 bonus holiday movies. An optional double offer of the bonus version costs $109.96.

I found Window Wonderland at a local Walgreens in Las Vegas in July 2017.

Window Wonderland Review

Window Wonderland is an indoor projector that shines festive Christmas scenes – or spooky Halloween movies – onto a screen attached to an interior window. This in turn displays the movies to anyone who can see that window from outside the home.

It is a logical progression from popular items such as Star Shower Motion, which projected moving laser lights onto the home, to this item which actually displays full color video to passersby.

To use Window Wonderland, you’ll first want to choose your most visible window where you want to shine your display. You’ll then cut the included 4 x 6 to size and attach it to the interior of the window where you want your movie to be displayed. The Window Wonderland projector will need to be set up far enough away in order to fill the size of your window with your movie. In my moderate-sized bedroom, that meant the projector had to be placed on a tripod in the doorway, about 12-14 feet away.

Three buttons on the unit allow you to choose between Halloween and Christmas movies, as well as the orientation of your window (vertical or horizontal). There is an audio out, in which you can play accompanying sound for each clip. To me, the challenge here is finding a 14+ food aux cable and where to put my speakers so they can be heard outside.

If all of your friends jumped on the laser light projection bandwagon last year, this is a way to one-up them with full-color movies as part of your outdoor holiday display. Keep in mind that each clip is only about 10 seconds long, and there is no way to cycle through them automatically. You can set one movie to play repeatedly, but you can’t set it to play them all.

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The only real potential “cons” in my opinion are related to the screen. First, after you cut it to the size of your desired window, you may not be able to move it to another window of a different shape. Second, the four included pieces of double-sided tape don’t really remove easily, and I started to tear holes in the screen as I attempted to remove them. Eventually I just used the original paper backing to cover the adhesive, which probably won’t be a long-term solution.

Window Wonderland appears to be a twin product to Fantasy Flicks, which was briefly test marketed in December 2016 into early January 2017. That item disappeared for several months, but has re-appeared in a dual-marketing campaign for both items, presumably for the makers to determine which version will strike a chord with consumers.

In a “Freakin’ Reviews First” I am actually posting reviews for two neraly identical products at the same time. While this may seem like overkill, keep in mind that both of these products are being marketed separately, and do offer slightly different features. I feel that each deserves its own review, at least until they are consolidated into a single product, presumably later in 2017.

I find it a bit odd that these two items were being marketed in May 2017, when the nearest major holidays were Memorial Day and Fourth of July, and there were no Patriot type of movies offered in this unit.

It will be interesting to see which of these two makes the cut, although my money is on Window Wonderland, which seems to have more features, and even a Deluxe model.

star shower window wonderland review

The buttons on Star Shower Window Wonderland.

star shower window wonderland review

Measuring and cutting the included screen.

star shower window wonderland review

This is how Window Wonderland looks from outside my house.


As you may have expected, there are a couple of items out there that already do the same thing as Fantasy Flicks. Windowfx offers two holiday projector videos, one for $40 and the other for $80. Holiday Projectors is another brand that projects Halloween and Christmas movies onto an interior window.

Video Review

Below is my full video review and demonstration of Window Wonderland.

Your Window Wonderland Reviews

What are your thoughts about Window Wonderland? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

Updated July 2017.


    Thank you . Think i will pass HSN SPECIAL .SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF WORK FOR A DIM PICTURE .

  • Karen Passman

    I would not buy it! I like the idea but I think it has a long way to go. As far as the brightness and the screen being reused and as you said it’s hard to get the Audio to where you can hear it outside,say on Halloween night for the trick-or-treaters. I’ll wait until they update it. until then I wouldn’t waste my money, it’s a great idea but it needs some work.

  • Betty Kish

    This is a terrible product. Only a one time usage of the screen they give you. I called the company and they cannot sell you another. Money out the window. Images are blurred and hardly any color to the images. You can’t use the window during the day that the screen is on as it’s double face taped . Also at night you can’t use it in any room with any light as it can’t project the image . Do t buy it !!!

  • William R. Cousert

    Is this just a standard PICO projector that’s preloaded with videos?

    Can I add my own videos via SD card or USB?

    • I don’t see any way to open it or add any type of external files.

  • Nancy Cox Reedy

    i would use velcro tabs for the corners of the screen so you can reuse each year…

  • Lisa Paglieroni-Jasalavich

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. A screen you can only use one time, 10 second videos (movies) that can only play one at a time instead of a continuous loop, and the images are so small that you would need binoculars to see them from the porch never mind the street. Don’t waste your money on this crap!😠

    • P Ukn

      Actually Erin terms of the white sheet or white paper you can easily replace a large piece of white paper or even just buy a white sheet made of cotton and hang it on the wall what’s the big deal about that

      • Michelle Mitchell

        I like that idea, P Ukn, would like to see if it would work, it might give a better picture

      • Joyce Torbic Livingston

        If anyone tries the sheet, let me know if it works. I threw the cheap, plastic screening in the trash after the third day of use.

        • Frank LoGrasso

          i use a shower liner i purchased from Dollar Tree and it works just fine. Also the disposable plastic drop cloths work and for a $1 theres enough to use for the next 8 years if the projector holds up that long.

    • Linda Tobin

      I got it and it works great!

  • Brian Clancy

    I’m a bit skeptical buying any as seen on TV bullshit , after reading a lot of these reviews it makes sense to wait it out, an see if this company does better next year, I do not like the fact that the screen can’t be re-used , i know what that 3m adhesive tape is , very sticky , an pretty strong, that screen looks cheesy , very cheaply made..the projector also looks cheaply made looks to me one fall to the ground an that whole base of projector would crack..when i was a a kid Bell Howell made projectors that would survive a tornado…I’m not partically sold on this product seems very kool, but if you wanna re-create this idea, simply purchase an HDMI home theater b slide projector at staples, or walmart that has a memory slot, usb , an blue- tooth techknowlogy so you can have clear homemade christmas themes an since its bluetooth all u need is weatherproof outdoor wireless speakers..this product is 60 bucks…for maybe 60 bucks more you can have a much better system that will last a long time…you decide..im gonna go with my idea..

    • Kimberly Jacks

      Brian I love your idea but I’m not very tech savvy. I found 4.9 out of 5 stars 28 Reviews
      Roadwi Movie Projector Mini Portable Projector Support 1080P HDMI AV VGA USB SD TV for Multimedia Home Theater Games Movie Night Party Travel on Amazon but I don’t think I can use a usb with this. I’m looking for the Bluetooth for the speakers, I’d also like something that I don’t play from a pc. I don’t want it projecting my screen saver or pop up messages. This may also seem ignorant but if it projects on the window won’t it appear backwards from outside? I have a huge attic window that is perfect for this and I’m excited to find a way to make it work. It’s my first Christmas in the house and I want to dazzle the neighborhood. The attic is unused so it’ll remain dark, has electricity to it but I also prefer a timer so maybe I don’t have to go up and down every time to start and stop it. Did you find an alternative that fills this bill?

  • Hobart Smedley

    More crap that can’t be sold in stores because people would return it if they could.

    • Linda Tobin

      It is sold in stores

  • Stephen Foulkrod

    I bought it, and not impressed. The videos are short, and can not be ran automatically. I would have liked the product better if you could have downloaded on SD chip, and used a longer recording of something for the seasons.

  • Don Munro

    I just set ours up and give it a 7 Out Of 10. The image is very clear from the curb and I applied the thin plastic screen outside the window case so I just folded it to fit and taped it to secure to the wall. Then adjusted image to fit the screen. And it works well. Sure you have cons, flimsy screen made from thin plastic wrapping, Velcro like fasteners, the videos don’t automatically cycle and the sound/speaker setup is like an afterthought. But the pros are that I have a 9 year old and a 1 year old at home and the Neighorhood is filled with kids who will all enjoy the fun and spookiness it brings at Halloween and the fun and magic of the Christmas season. Until a better version comes along this one will work for me.

  • Dana P.

    I give YOU a 5 star review for the ‘in real time’ awesome review! As far as the Window Wonderland, I think a 2 Star is all I can give it. Thank you for posting and saving me $120! (I was gonna buy 2!) I literally had the product in the basket and was getting my credit card from my wallet when I decided to just see if anyone had commented on this item! Yours was the first and only one that I needed to see! It definitely was not as bright ‘as on tv’. The camera looks like it would fall apart if you looked at it too hard!

  • Tony Edwards

    I just set up mine today. First of all the plastic will last most a lifetime, and in the off chance you damage it, all you need is opaque plastic that you can buy at any local hardware store. Secondly, not sure why anyone would criticize this product since most holiday decorations are static or simply boring blinking lights. This projection effect is light years ahead of most holiday decorations. I love mine, and with six Halloween and six Xmas clips to choose from, I could not be happier. You put projector in an unused dark room for best results. And $60 is nothing. Most people spend that on a night out. My fav scene for Halloween are the dead people trying to get out the window!

  • kiowa56

    Why does this cost almost $100 on Amazon and only $60 literally everywhere else? Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Walgreen’s…. Is there something different about Amazon’s version?

  • P Ukn


  • P Ukn

    I still like it but you have to have the audio outside the house you have to run a cord or a long you know court and get that speaker outside the house even if it’s sitting right along the edge under the overhang of the roof I think if you would put that maybe on the front window like maybe a picture window in the living room or even a patio door on one side of the patio door I think it would show real well I think it’s worth it and but you have to have the audio that makes it totally good

  • cupcake2

    I was wondering, I have the dark screens on my windows to protect from the Sun. Would you be able to see the videos through the dark tinted screens?

  • Jennifer Potter

    Does anyone know if this works on a tinted window? Mine are tinted for energy efficiency, mirror like if looking from outside in. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Potter

      Oh and for the sticker problem, why not use the poster command strips…you can leave the ones on the film but remove from your wall easily and just replace next time you need to use.

    • Frank LoGrasso


  • Joyce Torbic Livingston

    Well, I’m one of the ones who definitely wasted their money on this piece of cheap plastic crap. The entire projector is made of plastic. I thought the Xmas scenes would play like a slide show, but you have to select which scene you want to play and the picture remains on that one scene. The screen is a complete joke–very thin and fragile. I ripped it trying to re-position it. I placed it in the upstairs bedroom window, thinking it would be more visible from the street. The picture looks clear when reflected on the bedroom wall, but the minute you move to have it reflected on the window screen, the picture is blurry from the outside–no amount of adjustment worked. I was so frustrated by day 3 that I ripped the plastic screen off my window and tossed it in the trash (the plastic screen looks really tacky on the window in the daytime, too). Please don’t waste your money on this piece of garbage.

  • Jerri Carr

    Installed last night, forgot to turn it off. Liked the performance on the first night, this morning let the dogs out and cant get it off the “please select one” screen. Unplugged and let it cool off for a while, still can’t get it to play a movie…

  • Kimberly Kurecki

    I was dissatisfied as I put mine up today and when I finally got it adjusted so I thought, I went outside to a dim image that you couldn’t see. I would not buy it.

  • Ana

    I decided to buy one for $14. Worth only about $10 IMO. It’s dim and fuzzy. I had to put it on a tripod all the way across my living room to get it to show up on living room window. Then I realized that I couldn’t put my tree there now.

    I put scotch tape along the edges of the plastic to reinforce it for multiple uses. This served me well, when I decided to move it to another window. For the price…not bad and neighbors immediately started stopping in front of my house to watch the video.

    Biggest con is the fast that it sticks on one video. Once they get it to auto rotate thru videos it will be worth more.

    Happy holidays everyone.

  • Shirley Bower

    We purchased a Virtual Santa several years ago for $280. It burned out so we needed to replace it. I found the Window Wonderland for $59 and figured it was worth a try. We just used the mylar sheet we had from the Virtual Santa. For the money, I find Window Wonderland to fit our need. The picture might be a little dim but It helps if the room you are projecting from is fairly dark so I plan to replace light bulbs in our living room lighting to go with dimmer lighting while we are using the projector. I’m very pleased with the purchase.

  • Jennifer Dotson- Kyser

    You can buy a entire roll of white tablecloth-plastic from target for$ 3.99
    Works exactly the same.
    Has anyone tried a waterproof box to use outside? If so let me know how.. Thanks

    • The image would be flipped… but that probably wouldn’t matter. A possibility is to project out a clear window against a wall, if your house has such an architecture to support such an arrangement.

    • glen

      Hi I set mine up outside in one of those childrens playhouse and project it out the window I rolled the end of the screen around 2 expandable shower rods and attached them to my porch post works great also have projector connected to wireless remote so I don’t have to go outside to shut projector off

  • Mandy Mccarty

    We were looking at this but didn’t want to spend the money on it but we found it on sale at Wal-Mart for $20. I would not be happy with it if I had spent $60 but I’m decently satisfied for only having spent $20, I am gonna try using a sheet or getting the shower liner.

  • Cindy Paul-Strouse

    easy set up since my husband is handy. plays nicely since there is little to no light in the area makes the movie visible. I love it.. got it as a gift..