Wonder Purse Review: Purse Organizer

Wonder Purse Review: Purse Organizer
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Wonder Purse is a purse which allows you to organize over 100 objects. Does it work? Read our Wonder Purse review.

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About Wonder Purse

Wonder Purse sports a butterfly design and includes 24 pockets which will allow you to easily organize dozens of items. The official product website is wonderpurse.com, with a registration date of April 2016. Below is a screen shot of the official website taken in November 2016.

wonder purse review

Claims & Features

  • Can hold and organize over 100 items
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra slim 180-degree butterfly open design
  • 24 pockets, pouches, and sleeves
  • Expansion zipper creates space for larger objects


Wonder Purse costs $29.99 + $5.99 P&H. A Privacy Pouch is also included at no extra charge. This brings your total to $35.98.

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As of this writing, Wonder Purse is not available in stores.

Wonder Purse Review

If the thought of sifting through a deep purse full of random items sounds familiar, the makers of Wonder Purse may have just the product for you.

Wonder Purse is an organizer in the form of a purse that features 24 pockets, zippers, and pouches, along with a butterfly design that lets you completely open it to display its contents.

The idea of Wonder Purse is slightly reminiscent of an As Seen on TV product called WonderFile, which advertised for years, and can still be found online. While WonderFile is designed to organize paperwork, Wonder Purse is designed for everyday items typically found in a purse.

The number of pockets could be a double-edged sword, depending on how your organizational mind works. There will be those who may find themselves sifting through all 24 pockets to find something, while others may quickly adapt to where they regularly put each item.

You’re limited to the color black and the design of Wonder Purse, but if organization is your goal, those limitations will probably not be of much concern.

Don’t expect Wonder Purse to be made of the same quality you’ll find in a high-end handbag. It should, however, be made of sufficient construction to get the job done.

Overall, we think most customers who are impressed by the advertising will probably find Wonder Purse to be a viable organizer. If the idea of so many zippers, pouches, and pockets sounds like an answer to your organizational problems, Wonder Purse may be a good fit. If two dozen storage options sounds overwhelming, you may want to consider other options.


You can find a wide variety of purse organizers, although many of these tend to look more like organizers than purses. The Pursfection Expandable Organizer is a popular option online. While it doesn’t have as many pouches as Wonder Purse, it comes in 8 different colors.


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