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XHose DAC-5 Review: Does it Work?

James White Apr 25

XHose DAC-5 is a resilient and kink resistant garden hose that expands and contracts with water pressure. Does it work as advertised? Here is our XHose DAC-5 review.

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About XHose DAC-5

XHose DAC-5 is a compact retractable garden hose with solid brass fittings and an outer layer of woven Dacron polyester. The official website is dac5xhose.com, with a registration date of January 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in April 2017.

xhose dac-5 review

Claims & Features

  • Expands to 3X its length
  • Shrinks to compact size within seconds of water being turned off
  • Lightweight
  • Water, rip, & kink resistant
  • Crush resistant brass fittings


XHose DAC-5 offers:

  • 25′ hose = $19.95 with option to add 2nd hose for an additional $6.95
  • 50′ hose = $39.95 with option to add 2nd hose for an additional $26.95
  • 75′ hose = $49.95 with option to add 2nd hose for an additional $36.95
  • 100′ = $59.95 with option to add 2nd hose for an additional $46.95

P&H is free on all offers.

As of April 2017, XHose DAC-5 can be found in some stores for the same prices above, without shipping.

XHose DAC-5 Review

XHose Dac-5 is a rather unusual name, which isn’t made easier by the fact that sometimes the word “Pro” is thrown in there, for varieties such as XHose Pro Dac-5, or XHose Dac-5 Pro. Then you have the use “Big Boss” before the name on the packaging, but no mention of it on the website. It can be confusing just knowing what to call this hose!

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That aside, the Dac-5 version of the XHose is the brand’s latest offering in a line of expandable/retractable hoses that dates back several years. The garden hose category is already flooded with new products in 2017, with several brands offering new retractable or metal varieties.

XHose is a direct competitor with Pocket Hose, which is currently rolling out its “Bullet” line of hoses for 2017. I have already posted a video review of that hose, which I will embed below.

The problem with XHose, Pocket Hose, and Flex-Able Hose is that these expandable hoses tend to have a short lifespan. The makers keep releasing new “improved” versions, yet the same problems persist: bursting and leaking, sometimes after only a few uses. I can count 10 versions of Pocket Hose alone in only a 5 year span. XHose hasn’t released that many, but it does have its share of versions, with XHose, XHose Pro, XHose Pro Extreme, and Dap XHose. Now with XHose Pro Dac-5, we are told that this is the model with the durability worth coveting.

As with most retractable hoses, you’ll love how lightweight and kink-free the XHose Dac-5 feels. You can literally tie it in a knot, and it will continue to operate. It is extremely lightweight, light enough for a child to carry in one hand, coming in under 5 pounds.

Unlike the new breed of metal hoses, these expandable hoses really aren’t meant to be left outside. After using the XHose, you should drain the water and bring it inside. That is a pretty easy task because it is so lightweight, but some users may not like that idea.

The big question regarding this hose, and pretty much every other expandable hose, is how it works over time. That is something I’ll have to update you on once I’ve given it significant use. Previous versions have been met with complaints of bursting or gaskets failing. Can this be the hose that finally lives up to the advertising hype? Stay tuned as I update this space after using the hose for a few months, especially in the heat of Las Vegas.


As noted earlier, Flex-Able Hose and Pocket Hose are the two primary competitors of XHose, and there are many versions of these available in stores.

If you look at lesser-known brands, TheFitLife offers a highly rated hose in this category. VicTsing is currently listed as the Best Seller in this category, and is only a few dollars more than the Gnome.

You may be interested in my 2017 video of Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet, which is the closest rival to XHose Dac-5.

Television Commercial

Your XHose DAC-5 Reviews

What are your thoughts about XHose DAC-5? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

James White

James White is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been reviewing strange gadgets since 2011. He also runs the successful "Freakin' Reviews" YouTube channel.

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Oyer Horne
Oyer Horne
3 years ago

you are right–they last about a season and fall apart, BUT, I am almost 70 and have 2 acres of flower gardens, so it is worth it to me to have a lightweight hose that is easy to drag around. I can water in half the time. I buy the hoses on sale in the fall for less than half the price. I use the pocket hose.